Old cut diamonds are beautiful antique gems which add a classic and posh look to any setting. These have become common in recent years, and they come set in various different styles of jewelry. Prior to selling your old cut diamond, you should know more about its value and how to obtain a proper appraisal. Accurate PMR is your trusted diamond buyer where you can obtain a precise market price for your beloved old cut diamonds. We have partnered with a world premiere diamond grading laboratory to give appraisals by specialists with many years of experience assessing the valuable and precious gems.

Various Cuts of Diamonds We Buy

Rose Cut

This cut features a flat bottom with a dome-shaped crown which rises to one apex. With 3 to 24 facets, this cut of diamond looks like a rose bud. Rose cut diamonds date back to the 1500s and stayed popular during the Victorian and Georgian eras.

Old Mine Cut

This has a squarish sash with mildly rounded edges. It has a miniature table, high crown and a big, flat culet that is similar to cushion cut. This cut was popular in the 1700s.

Old European Cut

This has a small table and high crown as well as a big, flat culet and a round girdle. It has 58 facets and is a predecessor of today’s contemporary round brilliant cut. This cut was particularly popular in 1800s.

Know Your Old Diamond Cut Prior to Selling

Your granny might tell you that her old diamond engagement ring was worth a lot, and it might have been at her time. But markets tend to vary and the need for a specific diamond cut varies similarly. Prior to rushing out there to sell your old cut diamond, you must get a precise assessment of its value and quality. At Accurate PMR, we can offer you an estimate if you favor us to sell your old cut diamonds. All you need to do is send us some information about your old cut diamond and our expert will compute the resale value of your pieces. This way, we can give you an estimated market value quote before you send it to us for more in-depth physical assessment.

How Quick You Want the Money

Selling your old cut diamond on your own could be very time-consuming and overwhelming as you might spend your time filtering through less dependable offers. Some online platform could give you better results, but only if you have past experience with selling jewelry and a high seller rating. One major benefit of selling your old cut diamond to us is the time you will save. If you like to sell your old cut diamonds safely and quickly without any pressure, Accurate PMR is the best choice.

We understand how important these pieces are to you. That is why we give you what you deserve. We make sure that you get the best value for your beloved diamonds. So, what are you waiting for? Call us now at (503) 400-5608!