We Buy Gold

We have streamlined our process to be efficient in order to save you time and give you the most money for your gold and silver. We use a state-of-the-art assaying gun to quickly and accurately identify the precious metal contents. Given the purity of the item we are able to provide a quote for your item.

What We Accept

Gold Jewelry

we buy gold jewelry

Scrap Gold

We buy all scrap gold

Gold Coins

We buy all gold coins bullion and numismatics

Gold Dental Caps

We buy gold dental caps and gold crowns!

Gold Nuggets

We buy gold nuggets

Scrap Accessories

We buy gold accessories, money clips, tie clips, cuff links, belt buckles, pins and more!

Gold Watches

We buy gold watches and gold pocket watches, tennis watches too!

Gold Antiques

We buy gold antiques, broken or not! Free consultation, no obligation to sell!

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