Buying gold bullion is an easy way for consumers to start investing in gold.

Gold coins add credibility of value, they can be displayed as art, and they can also be used as investments in a retirement IRA.

Investing in gold coins and bullion is a good way to balance investments held in domestic or foreign currency. When the value of money declines, the value of gold rises.

Accurate Precious Metals Coins, Jewelry, & Loans has various sizes of gold coins, gold bullion, and investment grade gold readily available to the public.

Gold Bullion


No one should ever have to pay retail for fine jewelry!

We offer a wide array of gold, silver, platinum, and diamond jewelry to the public at wholesale prices. From everyday jewelry accessories to elaborate jewelry pieces for special occasions, we’ve got it all. Each item in our showroom has undergone extensive screening to verify its legitimacy and has been hand picked to uphold our fine jewelry standards. Whether you’re looking to spend $10 or over $10,000 dollars, we can serve your jewelry needs.

Come visit us today and never pay retail again!



We are not your ordinary pawn shop or jewelry buyer. We are unique because being a refinery, we melt the gold and silver we purchase, which enables us to pay you more because of our one stop shop.

We use a state of the art x-ray gun that shoots a ray into the metal and displays whether the item contains gold or silver. The x-ray gun reveals the percentages of each element and provides extremely accurate results. Additionally, our highly trained staff quickly performs an acid test on each item. This particular acid only reacts to metals other than gold and silver. By applying this acid, we can clearly see the evidence of it’s authenticity.

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Accurate PMR is the most accommodating refinery I have ever dealt with…and never any unexpected charges or hidden fees. They call me if my scrap lot has any surprises.

Dan WenDell

The facility that Accurate PMR provides is very friendly and safe. Because we are not your everyday, run of the mill pawn shop, you can view your refining if you wish and see the process done from start to finish.

Anthony J.