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Shipping Costs


Under 100oz – $35

101-200oz – 40$

200-999oz – 55$

Free Shipping on orders of more than 1000oz

Gold & Platinum

1-9 items – 25$

Free Shipping on orders of more than 10 items.

Important Info:

No minimum order quantities.
Our sell price is the purchase price.
Our buy price is what we pay for items.
There is no sales tax.
Please remember, we never solicit.

Step One: Contact Us

Reach out to our team. You can call us directly or easily fill out our online form with your questions.

Our knowledgeable team members are here to guide you through our extensive bullion selection to find products that best fit your personal investment needs.

Step Two: Order & Secure

Once you’ve selected your products, we’ll draft a digital invoice and send you a pricing agreement for your digital signature through text or email, whichever is more convenient.

It’s just a quick confirmation to authorize the transaction and ensure that everything is to your satisfaction. Our team will then send you an invoice for an initial deposit through sms or email.

This deposit, 5% of the total invoice, confirms your commitment and allows us to lock & hold the price for your selected items.

This deposit is a show of good faith, as all agreements are binding. This reserves your gold or silver at the agreed-upon price, protecting it from any market movement.

Step Three: Secure & Pay

We accept check or wire transfer payments.

If you’re paying the balance by wire transfer, this needs to be done within 24 hours of when you signed the invoice.

For check payments, we require checks to be sent by express mail to be delivered the next business day. Once you mail the check, please email the carrier’s receipt to our team verifying that the check is on its way with a tracking number for our records.