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Rollover your ira into precious metals

How to start a precious metals IRA.

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3 Easy Steps

1. Open a Self Directed IRA Account

To start investing in a Precious Metals IRA, you must open up a self-directed account! Begin your journey to secure future financial stability with this powerful asset.

Accurate Precious Metals can help you to find a qualified self-directed IRA custodian who is experienced and credentialed, with the capability of managing investments in precious metals. This gives you the opportunity to open an IRA account that includes these metals and is overseen by a custodian who will handle all transactions, paperwork, and storage needs related to your investments.

2. Add funds to your Self-Directed IRA

Step 2 is all about getting your retirement savings rolling! You’ll start by requesting money from your current account holders, which will then be deposited into a newly opened Self-Directed IRA Account.

You have the option of funding your new self-directed Precious Metals IRA account through a transfer or rollover from an existing IRA or 401(k), or by making a direct contribution to this new account.

3. Purchase from Accurate Precious Metals

You will acquire precious metals from the reliable source Accurate Precious Metals. After which, your custodian of the newly opened IRA account will send funds to Accurate Precious Metals to pay for the new metals and we will ship them to a secure depository.

Contact Accurate Precious Metals to purchase the desired precious metals for your IRA account at a predetermined price point. We’ll provide the requisite information needed to complete the transaction from your side.

Things To Consider

IRA Contribution Limits

The maximum annual contribution to an IRA remains the same even if you have multiple accounts. You can buy as much bullion as you like with funds you already in your IRA accounts, but the yearly contribution stays the same.

How Much To Allocate

Investment advisors generally recommend that between 10% to 15% of your wealth be allocated toward precious metals, depending on the investor’s risk tolerance and financial goals. Think about your real estate, cryptocurrency, and other financial assets.

IRA Bullion Restrictions

You are unable to contribute already owned bullion coins to your Precious Metals IRA, but you are able to send them separately from your IRA to a secure depository. To do so, you need to set up a separate account and pay fees for storage at the depository. This offers an added benefit of securely insuring your bullion and other assets stored there.

IRA Investment Strategy

When deciding how much to allocate, investors should consider their long-term needs and the amount of risk they are willing to take, as well as rebalancing their portfolio every year.

Trust & Security

Established reputation and credibility

Expertly Managed Self Directed IRAs

Accurate Precious Metals is dedicated to providing its clients with secure and versatile investment avenues. Recognizing the importance of trust and reliability in the financial world, we collaborate with the industry-leading top custodians in the nation.

  • Top Custodians In The Industry: Accurate Precious Metals only aligns with trust companies that have a proven track record of reliability and excellence in the financial sector.
  • Empowerment Through Flexibility: Our self-directed IRA options give clients greater control over their investment decisions, allowing them to integrate precious metals into their portfolios seamlessly.
  • Commitment to Security: Ensuring our clients’ investments are protected and managed with the utmost care is paramount. Our collaboration with leading trust companies emphasizes this commitment.

This alliance allows our clients to confidently establish self-directed IRA accounts, facilitating a secure pathway to diversify their portfolios with precious metal investments.

State-Of-The-Art Secured Storage

Accurate Precious Metals prioritizes the safety and authenticity of every transaction. We recommend the top precious metals depositories in the industry, ensuring that every piece of bullion acquired or stored through us meets the highest standards of integrity and security.

Our relationship with these depositories ensures:

  • High-Security Storage: State-of-the-art facilities maintain tight security measures, ensuring the safety of stored items.
  • Insured Holdings: All stored metals are fully insured, safeguarding our customers’ investments against unforeseen circumstances.
  • Easy Access and Retrieval: Clients can easily access their holdings, with streamlined processes for both viewing and withdrawal.
  • Transparent Transactions: Detailed documentation accompanies every transaction, keeping our clients informed at every step.

Choose Accurate Precious Metals and invest with confidence, knowing that we prioritize your security and satisfaction above all.

Adding Funds To Your
Self Directed IRA Account

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Once the account is established (without funds), our IRA processing team will share the new account information with your current custodian. You’ll then confirm how much you’d like to fund the account with. Please note that this part may take the longest, as neither we nor you will have control over it.

While the funds are being transferred, we recommend scheduling a meeting to discuss precious metals options, as funding might take a few weeks. This way, you can review the information while waiting for the funds. We prefer conducting this session closer to when the funds arrive at the custodian, so the information is fresh in your mind.

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The Process So Far

Recapping the process so far and outlining the next steps ahead

Accurate Precious Metals’ exclusive buying system is designed with the primary goal of buyer protection. Let’s recap the process so far.

1. Determine if gold and silver investments are right for you. It seems you’ve already made that decision.
2. Decide on the amount you want to invest. You appear to be in the process of making this decision.
3. Complete the application process, which we can assist you with.
4. Fund your account, which typically takes two to three weeks, depending on your current custodian. We’re here to help you with this step as well.
5. Utilize our comprehensive guide on how to buy precious metals, which we’ll discuss further shortly.
6. Funds are received at the new custodian.

Gleaming american gold eagles - symbolizing wealth and investment

Purchasing From
Accurate Precious Metals

Once your funds are received at the new custodian, you can start the simple and easy process of ordering your precious metals for your new self directed precious metals IRA.

Step 1

Work with the order desk to select assets. While they can provide guidance and education, they are not financial advisors and cannot choose assets for you. Be sure to ask them any specific questions you have regarding the assets.

Step 2

Confirm your order via signed agreement.

Step 3

Your prices are locked in, and your precious metals purchase is finalized, prepared for shipment to the depository. The custodian will then send us the funds.

Step 4

After completing your purchase, you’ll receive all necessary paperwork for review.