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In our last blog, we talked about some of the different styles of engagement rings that you have to choose from when you are looking to get one for your girlfriend. Diamond rings are the perfect way to say how much you love her, but if the one you choose is not perfect for her style, then you may be in the dog house. At Accurate Precious Metals, we have all kinds of diamond engagement rings and want to help you find the perfect one for the love of your life.


Usually, a cathedral design has a single diamond, just like the solitaire design. The difference between the two is that the cathedral style has bands that extend from the sides of the ring to either side of the diamond. It is angled a certain way so that it draws the eye to the diamond. Because of the added protection to the diamond, this design is great for the woman on the go.


A vintage style diamond ring usually has a lot of intricate designs and smaller gemstones that give the ring a certain elegance from another era. Some vintage rings will have a varnished look to them and may have gemstones rather than diamonds in the setting. This design is great for women who relish in old-fashioned elegance.

Channel Set

This style of diamond ring has a large diamond set in the center with several smaller diamonds set into the band itself. It demonstrates a modern look of the standard engagement ring. If your girlfriend likes to keep up with the latest fashions, this is the type of ring for her.

With so many styles to choose from, you will want the help of our jewelry experts. Call or come by our Salem, Oregon store today!