In about a month’s time, we will come upon one of the most romantic holidays of the year: Valentine’s Day. A lot of pressure comes down on couples during this holiday. Pressure from loved ones and each other to take the leap and get engaged. Most couples believe that if they are going to get engaged, they need to have the best ring they can afford from the top jewelers, but that is not the case. Shops like Accurate Precious Metals have a variety of different engagement rings to choose from. The decision now becomes what type will your bride-to-be like the best?


Solitaire in French means “alone” and there is not a better way to describe this style of engagement ring. This type of ring holds a single diamond and can be truly elegant. The diamond is usually set up higher than the band so that it can catch the most light. If your girlfriend has a classic style, this is perfect for her.


This type of diamond ring has a central diamond that is surrounded by smaller diamonds to make the large diamond stand out and sparkle. This type of engagement ring usually has a square shape around the central diamond but can come in ovals and circles as well. This ring will be perfect for the fashion-forward woman.


Like the name indicates, this type of ring has three gems or diamonds on a band. Also known as a trilogy ring or trinity ring, this style represents your past, present and future together with your bride-to-be. The middle diamond or gem is again, set higher for effect. This ring is perfect for sentimental women.

There are many more types of engagement rings that we will discuss in the future. All of these can be found at Accurate Precious Metals. Call us or stop by our Salem, Oregon shop today!