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There are many kinds of gold coins and bars that come in many shapes with different images from various countries. Here at Accurate Precious Metals we buy gold coins of all sizes and quantities from all over the world. Just to name a few, we buy gold coins from the USA, Canada, Great Britain, South Africa, Australia, Switzerland, Austria, Mexico, China, and more.

There are many reasons why people choose to sell their gold coins and gold bars and exchange it for cash. One of the biggest advantages of selling gold bullion is that it’s a very liquid asset. This means that you can easily convert your gold coins or gold bars into cash from anywhere around the world. Gold bullion is also a stable investment, so you can always bring it to a coins buyer and get a good price for it even when the markets are volatile.

We buy all gold coins bullion and numismatics

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Accurate Precious Metals is the most reputable gold bullion dealer located in Salem Oregon. Thousands of customers have trusted us for over a decade as the best place to get cash for gold coins and gold bars! We buy gold bullion of all kinds regardless of their age or condition. Plus, our process is quick and easy, so you can walk away with cash in hand in no time from an established precious metals buyer. We’ll give you cash for your gold bullion at unbeatable prices guaranteed. We look forward to serving you and becoming your trusted gold bullion dealer. 

We buy all gold coins bullion and numismatics

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So if you’re looking for a reputable coin shop with trusted gold bullion buyers on staff so that you can sell your gold coins for top dollar and walk out with instant cash, come visit us at Accurate Precious Metals Refineries.  

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Come to the expert gold buyers at Accurate Precious Metals if you are looking to sell gold coins and gold bars. We buy gold coins and golf bars for top dollar. For example, we buy: American gold Eagle coin, American gold Buffalo coin, American Saint-Gaudens gold double eagle coin, Canadian gold Maple leaf coin, Great Britian gold Britannia coin, South African gold Krugerrand coin, Australian gold Kangaroo coin, Australian gold Swan coin, Austrian gold Philharmonic coin, Mexican gold Libertad coin, Mexican gold 50 pesos coin, Chinese gold Panda coin, 1 ounce gold bar, 5 ounce gold bar, 10 ounce gold bar, kilo gold bar, 100 gram gold bar, 50 gram gold bar, 20 gram gold bar, 10 gram gold bar, 5 gram gold bar, 2.5 gram gold bar, 1 gram gold bar, 0.5 gram gold bar, and any other gold bar or gold coin.