Different Types Of Cocktail Rings

Styling with a Cocktail ring!

A cocktail ring is meant to make a statement. With its intricate design and huge stone settings, it attracts attention the way a proper accessory should. Wearing a cocktail ring can reinforce the kind of look you want to achieve, whether it is metropolitan and cool, vintage and hip. The right kind of cocktail ring can do wonders for your current outfit, but you have to be choosy about the style of your setting and the purpose, which you intend to use it. It could be elegant, depending on the kind you pick. The best example of this is one with a cubic zirconium stone set in white gold or silver. You can wear it for formal occasions with most kinds of evening dresses.

If you want something casual and fun, you can pick cocktail rings with colorful gems. Those on a budget can pick faux gems, but have to do so with scrutiny. Avoid those cocktail rings that are too gaudy since they can only work against you. When wearing a cocktail ring of this design, it is important to tone down everything else. While wearing a huge cocktail ring, make sure your other accessories are much smaller. Your bracelet, earrings and necklace have to be more subtle. Too much of a good thing can ruin an otherwise good get-up and make you look like a tacky Christmas tree. There is also color to consider. It has to go with what you have on. If you find yourself at loss, consult a color wheel or refer to fabric swatches to keep you on the right track.

These rings are traditionally made of silver or white gold. Do not get something made out of plastic or it will look like a prize you won out of a cereal box. This sort of thing is only good for informal wear, and only if you can pull it off. Otherwise, stick to the kind of material you can use for both informal and formal occasions. This will save you money in terms of having to get rings for different kinds of occasions.

Cocktail Rings and Outfits

Cocktail rings look at their best when they don’t clash with the wearer’s clothing. If your outfit is patterned, opt a cocktail ring that complements this, such as a design featuring a solid color. Cocktail rings with interesting designs and patterns stand out when worn with black color clothing. The color of the cocktail ring should complement the color of your clothing. Always remember that matching these two is not the best choice all the time since cocktail rings could solely blend on the background.

Cocktail Rings and Time of Day

You can wear cocktail rings in the evening or during the day. Cocktail rings that are work in the evening should be less sparkly and smaller than those cocktail rings worn in the evening.

Cocktail rings are considered as statement pieces with an interesting history. During the prohibition era, cocktail rings became symbols of independence and individuality. Cocktail rings are available in different designs and styles that you can choose from.