Wear It Again.

We all have that one piece of jewelry that we just can’t part with, but also haven’t worn it in years due to a broken clasp/chain,tarnished or scratched appearance, or missing stone. So there it sits in our jewelry box, patiently awaiting our attention and effort to get it repaired or renewed. Whether it’s as simple as a  silver repair, as rewarding as a ring repair, a flawless cleaning, or the restringing of your favorite heirloom pearls, It is  time to renew your jewelry box with a little help from your friends at Accurate Precious Metals located in Salem, Oregon. Our staff is composed of trained, expert jewelers and gemologists to ensure only the highest quality service and care for each piece of jewelry.  


Why is it that a beautiful piece of high quality jewelry is shunned to the bottom of your jewelry box? Is it because we are too busy to tend to it, it’s not that important to us, or we are worried about the cost to fix it? If you are used to owning high quality jewelry, then you are probably not prone to having lost or broken jewelry and may not be aware of just how simple and affordable having your jewelry repaired can be. The pricing that accompanies jewelry repair varies based on the severity of the repair and the quality of the original piece.

Repairing a Broken Chain

Prices starting at just $20 dollars!

Chains are repaired by soldering the pieces back together. The cost is determined by the material that the chain is made from, as well as the location of the break. Silver repairs tend to be very affordable repairs. Soldering a single link of a platinum or gold chain is a pretty quick fix and generally costs between $20-$35. The more complex repairs, such as soldering a hinged joint can cost anywhere from $50-$200. We will even restring your favorite pearls back to their original length. Simply bring in your escape artist pearls and we will be more than happy to restring them back into a beautiful, classic piece of jewelry.

Clasp Replacement

Prices starting at just $10!

Depending on the type of metal and style of the clasp, it could cost as low as $10 to replace. A platinum clasp puts you in the $50 range. More complex and larger clasps, such as lobster clasps, cost a little more to repair. These range from $40-$200 depending on material.

Gem Resetting

Need a ring repaired? No problem! Resetting a stone can cost as little as $20. Pricing is based off of the cut of your gem stone. Fancier cuts naturally cost more to reset due to the time and complexity that accompanies the task. Simple cuts, such as a round cut diamond tend to be a less daunting ring repair task and therefore will only run you a few bucks.

Professional Jewelry Cleaning

Getting your jewelry cleaned is generally offered as a free service from the company that it was purchased from. It is inevitable that your jewelry at some point will become tarnished. Restore it to its original shine with a complimentary cleaning!
No matter what your jewelry repair or renewal needs are, we can help your to restore your jewelry back to its original condition here at Accurate Precious Metals of Salem, Oregon.