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Payment Terms

All Payment Method Timelines and Expectations

Secure Transactions at Accurate Precious Metals – Your Trust, Our Commitment

Account Creation for Enhanced Security and Service

Accurate Precious Metals is committed to establishing secure and enduring relationships with our clients. To foster this, we require all clients to create a simple free account with us prior to conducting any transactions. This account serves as a cornerstone for ongoing interactions and is an essential component of our comprehensive security framework. 

Effortless Account Setup: Your Gateway to Secure Purchases with Accurate Precious Metals

Creating your free account with Accurate Precious Metals is a seamless part of the checkout process and is designed to be straightforward and hassle-free. As you finalize your selections and proceed to checkout, you’ll be guided through a few quick steps to establish your account. This simple setup is a one-time process that not only enhances your security but also provides you with a personalized shopping experience, complete order history, and streamlined future transactions. 

Diligent Payment Review for Customer Protection

Each payment method selected by our clients, irrespective of its nature, can be subject to a meticulous manual review process. The security of our clients and the integrity of every transaction form the bedrock of our operational ethos. Accurate Precious Metals has cultivated a distinguished reputation over the years, reflected in the fact that numerous clients have entrusted their business to us for over a decade. Our diligence in manual payment review is not merely a procedural step; it is a practiced measure designed to shield our clients against the ever-present threat of fraudulent actors in the marketplace. 

Dedicated Assistance for Seamless Transactions

In every transaction, Accurate Precious Metals stands ready to offer our support and expertise. Clients are encouraged to engage with our office directly should they require assistance or face any concerns, including those involving their banking institutions. Our experienced team is prepared to navigate any issues, ensuring a smooth and secure transaction process. 

Commitment to Our Clients

Our singular goal—to meticulously fulfill our commitment to delivering the precise products you have ordered in a safe and secure manner—drives our careful approach to each transaction. We recognize the challenges posed by fraudulent entities in today’s environment, and we take proactive steps to safeguard both you, our valued customer, and our company. 

Should you encounter any uncertainties or require additional information regarding our payment and security policies, we urge you to reach out to us. Together, we work tirelessly to provide a trusted and reliable service that stands the test of time, cementing a relationship based on security, trust, and mutual success. 

Credit and Debit Card Payment Policy

Payment clearing Timeline: appx. 24 – 48 hours

Scope of Payment Acceptance

  • Accepted Payment Methods: Accurate Precious Metals is pleased to accept various payment forms for your purchasing requirements, which include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and debit cards. 

Account Registration and Comprehensive Verification

  • Requirement for a Secured Account: To initiate any purchase with Accurate Precious Metals, customers are required to create a personal account. Registration is a security measure that protects your transactions and enhances service efficiency. 

Transaction Authorization and Address Consistency

  • Secure Checkout Protocol: After choosing your items and selecting “Credit/Debit Card” as the payment method, ensure that your order does not exceed the threshold of $15,000 — the upper limit set for credit card transactions. Proceed by clicking “Checkout Now” and entering the necessary details.  
  • Billing and Shipping Address Alignment: For added security, Accurate Precious Metals ships products any shipping address but, we reserve the right to request proof of ownership or relationship to the address to protect our customers if we deem the location suspicious according to the billing address. This policy aids in safeguarding your purchase and minimizes the risk of fraud. 

Manual Verification and Dispatch Communication

  • Manual Transaction Confirmation: All credit and debit card orders are subject to a stringent manual review for approval, normally concluded within one to two business day following the order placement. 
  • Notification of Dispatch: Once your payment details have been verified and your order is prepared, an email alert will be sent to inform you of the shipment in processing, signifying the commencement of the delivery and will be provided with tracking. 

Exclusion from Cash Price Discount

  • Non-Eligibility for Cash Discount: It is important to note that orders paid for with a credit or debit card are not eligible for the 4% cash price discount. This discount is reserved for other qualifying payment methods as detailed in our payment terms. 

Apple Pay & Google Pay Payment Policy

Payment clearing Timeline: appx. 24 – 48 hours

Utilization of Digital Wallet Services

  • Payment Solutions: Accurate Precious Metals offers the convenience of digital wallet payment options, including Google Pay and Apple Pay, to streamline your purchasing process with cutting-edge security and efficiency. 

Transaction Caps and Security Protocols

  • Set Limits for Digital Payments: Transactions made via Google Pay and Apple Pay are permitted without a mandated minimum purchase amount, but please note that the maximum amount for transactions using these services is restricted to $5,000. This policy is in place to align with our security measures and operational procedures. 

Exclusion from Cash Price Discount

  • Non-Eligibility for Cash Discounts: It is essential to understand that any orders placed using Google Pay and Apple Pay do not qualify for the 4% cash price discount that is offered for other specified payment methods. 

Shipping to Verified Billing Addresses

  • Strict Shipping Address Policy: To further ensure the security and integrity of each transaction, Accurate Precious Metals strictly ships orders to the address associated with the customer. All shipping addresses are subject to manual review. We reserve the right to request proof of ownership or relationship to the address to protect our customers if we deem the location suspicious according to the billing address. This applies equally to credit cards linked to your Google Pay and Apple Pay accounts. Shipping to the verified billing address is a critical safeguard against fraud and unauthorized transactions, promoting a secure chain of custody for your purchased items from our vault to your doorstep. 

Payment Platform Constraints and PayPal Limitations

  • Digital Wallet Linkage and Platform Compatibility: When using Google Pay or Apple Pay as your payment method, the credit card you choose must not coincide with a credit card that is already stored in your Accurate Precious Metals account. Google Pay is compatible across a diverse range of platforms and browsers that support its integration, whereas Apple Pay is exclusively available to users on Apple platforms (iOS and macOS) utilizing the Safari web browser or IOS devices. 

PayPal Payment Acceptance and Processing

Payment clearing Timeline: appx. 24 – 48 hours

Integration of PayPal for Secure Transactions

  • Embracing PayPal for Customer Convenience: At Accurate Precious Metals, we offer the option of using PayPal, a secure and widely-trusted payment service, for processing your purchases quickly and efficiently. PayPal payments typically clear immediately, allowing for rapid transition of your order into the shipping phase. 

Verification and Processing Protocols

  • PayPal Verified Addresses and Anti-Fraud Measures: To uphold the highest security standards and protect against fraudulent activities, we require that all orders be shipped to a PayPal Verified Shipping Address. On occasion & by our discretion, PayPal transactions may be flagged for an in-depth review by our dedicated fraud prevention team, which could result in a delay in processing. 
  • We reserve the right to request proof of ownership or relationship to the address to protect our customers if we deem the location suspicious according to the billing address and payment history. 

Order Placement Limits and Checkout Procedure

  • Guidelines for PayPal Purchases: specified range: a minimum of $1 to a maximum of $5,000. This limit is set to fortify transaction security and align with our operational policies. 
  • Transition from Selection to Payment: To complete a PayPal purchase, add the desired items to your cart and select “PayPal” as the payment method. Click “Checkout Now” to initiate the transaction. Rather than offering a Guest Checkout option, we require that all customers create a secure account with us to facilitate the order process, which enhances your ability to track purchases, manage transactions, and maintain security. 
  • Concluding Payment via PayPal: After logging in or registering, you will be directed to the PayPal platform to securely log in to your account and approve the payment. Following this, you will return to the Accurate Precious Metals website to review and confirm your order details, including pricing and shipping preferences. 

Shipping Preparation and Tracking

  • Prompt Order Dispatch and Notification: Upon processing your PayPal payment, Accurate Precious Metals promptly prepares your package for shipment. You will receive notification once your package is on its way with tracking. 

Payment Policies for Paper Check Transactions

NOTICE: This is the longest payment clearance method; 10 business days once Accurate Precious Metals receives the check.

Savings with Check Payments

  • Discount Offering for Paper and Cashier’s Check Payments: Accurate Precious Metals extends a notable discount of 4% on transactions made through paper, cashier, or money order checks when contrasted with those completed via credit/debit cards and PayPal, underscoring our commitment to providing cost-effective options for our esteemed clientele. 

Guidelines for Check Payments

  • Defined Monetary Parameters for Check Transactions: Clients who prefer the use of paper or cashier’s checks are subject to defined transactional parameters, with a $0 minimum requirement and a maximum limit of $20,000 per order to maintain coherence with our internal financial guidelines. 
  • Procedure to Initiate a Check-Based Purchase: To initiate a purchase using a paper or cashier’s check, clients are instructed to select their items and place them in their shopping cart. They must then choose the “Check Payment” option, confirm the total cost, and proceed to “Checkout Now” to move forward with their transaction. 
  • We do not accept Money Orders at this time.  

Mandatory Account Registration

  • Account Registration for Transaction Integrity: Accurate Precious Metals has established a mandatory policy requiring all customers to register for an account. 
  • Market Loss Policy: During the checkout process, customers must provide essential identification and contact information, including but not limited to their legal name, active phone number, email address, and accurate shipping and billing addresses. We reserve the right to request proof of ownership or relationship to the address to protect our customers if we deem the location suspicious according to the billing address and payment history. Credit/debit card information is collected as an identity verification measure and to enforce our Market Loss Policy, should there be an order cancellation or if the paper or cashier’s check payment is not received within the set timeframe, or the check bounces. We will charge the card according to the card details given. By placing an order with Accurate Precious Metals you agree to these terms and accept all Fees and penalties related to failure of payment. 

Check Payment Mailing Requirements and Acceptance Policy

  • Paper and Cashier’s Check Submission Instructions: Following order placement, customers will receive detailed instructions for mailing their paper or cashier’s checks. It is critical to note that we do not accept convenience checks. Clients must ensure their order number is clearly written in the memo section of their check. 
  • Obligatory Mailing Timelines and Receipt Confirmation: Paper and cashier’s check payments must be postmarked within two (2) business days of order placement. Accurate Precious Metals must receive the check within a eight-day period following the order date. Deviations from this stipulated timeline will result in order cancellation, with the imposition of cancellation fees and market losses billed to the customer without exception and at accurate precious metals sole discretion.  

Fund Clearance and Shipping Process

  • Mandatory Ten Business Day Hold on Check Payments: Upon receipt, all paper, cashier, and money order checks will be subject to a mandatory clearance hold of ten business days, starting from the banking day on which the check is deposited, to ensure full fund validation. Checks can be subject to a manual review process for any reason with the client to verify check funding has cleared and account ownership is valid.  

Bank Wire Transfer Policies

Payment clearing Timeline: appx. 24 – 72 hours

Preferential Pricing for Bank Wire Payments

  • Substantial Savings on Wire Transfers: Accurate Precious Metals offers a substantial discount of 4% on orders when payment is made via bank wire transfers. 

Transaction Amount Parameters and Execution

  • Financial Thresholds for Wire Transfers: All bank wire orders are subject to a minimum transaction value of $0 and are capped at a maximum of $1,000,000 ensuring a wide range for clients to transact securely. For orders higher than these amounts please call our office 5034005608 
  • Placing a Bank Wire Order: Customers desiring to execute a purchase by bank wire should first add their chosen merchandise to the shopping cart. Upon confirming that the total, selecting “Bank Wire” as the payment method and proceeding to “Checkout Now” will initiate the transaction process. 

Account Authorization and Information Verification

  • Personal Information Collection and Identity Verification: To complete the checkout process, it is required for customers to submit essential details, including their full name, telephone number, email address, and shipping and billing addresses, along with credit/debit card information. The provision of credit/debit card details serves as an identity verification tool and to enact our Market Loss Policy in cases of order cancellation or failure to execute the wire transfer in the prescribed timeframe. 

Bank Wire Transfer Instructions and Obligations, and Clearance

  • Receipt of Wire Transfer Instructions: Following the conclusion of the order process, customers will be emailed with detailed instructions on how to facilitate the wire transfer of funds. These instructions will also be reiterated in the order confirmation email. 
  • Specifics for Executing a Wire Transfer: Clients are instructed to utilize the provided wiring instructions to initiate a wire transfer through their online banking platform if available or by visiting their local bank branch. It must be noted that WIRE is not the same as ACH; it is imperative that a wire transfer be used. If not used then there will be expected delays in the process. In the wire transfer form, it is mandatory to include the order number in the notes or reference field. We get many orders into our account and this will help process your order quickly. 
  • Timeframes for Wire Transfers and Cancellations: Accurate Precious Metals demands that all bank wire payments be executed and received within one business day following order placement. Any deviation from this time-sensitive mandate will lead to the order being canceled, with cancellation fees and market losses applied and invoiced to the customer with no exemptions. 
  • Swift Processing and Entry into Shipping Queue: Bank wire transfers are generally settled immediately, though they may take up to 24 – 72 hours to fully clear. All wire transfers are subject to a manual verification process by our staff to confirm account ownership and authenticate billing address details. We reserve the right to request proof of ownership or relationship to the shipping address to protect our customers if we deem the location suspicious according to the billing address this is to protect our clients from fraud and mitigate the risk and fraud. 


When you place an order with Accurate Precious Metals and choose to pay via bank wire transfer, it is important to understand our timeline requirements to ensure your order is not subject to cancellation. Here are a few examples to illustrate: 

  • Weekend Orders: If you place your order on a Saturday or Sunday at any time before midnight, the payment via bank wire must be initiated and completed by 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST) on the coming Monday. Banks do not process wire transfers over the weekend, so Monday will be the first available day for your payment to be processed. 
  • Friday Orders: For orders placed on a Friday after regular business hours, you are expected to complete the wire transfer by 5:00 p.m. EST on friday or the following weekday to meet the payment deadline. 
  • Early Monday or any Early Weekday Orders: Should you place an order on Monday or on any weekday morning, before 8:00 a.m. EST, the payment needs to be completed by the national wire transfer cut-off time of 5:00 p.m. EST on that same Monday or the same weekday the order was placed. 
  • Normal Orders: For orders placed on a Tuesday evening or weekday after 8 AM, you are expected to complete the wire transfer by 5:00 p.m. EST on Wednesday or the correlating following weekday to meet the payment deadline. Orders after 8 am on Friday would be Monday. 

If you have any questions please call our office (503) 400-5608.