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We believe people should never have to pay full retail prices for fine jewelry. We strive to pass the savings onto you, the customer, by eliminating the middleman. Save up to 70% off retail when you buy jewelry from Accurate Precious Metals! Without the cost of jewelry design, retail overhead, and more factors, we’re able to bring you the same precious jewelry for affordable prices! Our jewelry store offers some of the most competitive prices in Oregon and across the United States.

See something you love in our store? Don’t settle for anything less! Each jewelry piece is unique since we only carry one of each item. What’s here today may be gone tomorrow, so be sure to buy any gold or silver jewelry that catches your eye! If you’re unable to complete a purchase today, we provide 90 days layaway on all items. Visit us today!


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Get an inside look at our Salem store! If you’re not in the area, we have multiple Oregon locations from Stayton to Tigard. Contact us today to find a jewelry store near you!