One could never go out of style with pearl necklace. This type of jewelry suits a variety of age groups. Whether you are dressed for formal or casual events, a pearl necklace would certainly compliment your style and would give it a sophisticated touch. For centuries all over the world, pearl necklace gifts never fail to delight the recipient. Buying it may be quite tricky, most especially if it is the buyer’s first time. Not only do you have to check for authenticity, you also have numerous options to choose from that come in different sizes, shapes and colors. Here is a list of a few famous women who wear pearls.

Angelina Jolie

Carmen Electra

Carrie Underwood

Courtney Love

Hilary Duff

Eva Herzigova

Kelly Preston

Katherine Heigl

Lauren Conrad

Maggie Grace


Selma Blair

Taylor Momsen

Zoe Saldana

Amy Winehouse

If you are one of those people who are planning to buy pearl necklace, here are some of the helpful information and tips to guide you to a delightful shopping experience.

Set and Determine your Budget

It will be wiser if you start the selection process by first determining your budget. Deciding on a particular price range for the pearl necklace you want is great way to narrow down your options and prevent purchasing something more than you could afford. Establishing a maximum price for your pearl necklace will give you an easier time choosing among numerous options that are available in the stores.

Determine the type of Pearl

Once that has been settled, select a type of pearl that you want in your necklace. There are different types of pearls on the market that vary from imitation pearls to luxurious genuine ones.

Imitation Pearls

Fake or imitation pearls is also widely sold. They are made from shell beads, plastic or glass which are then coated, thus the quality of their iridescence is often very poor. Bear in mind that imitation or fake pearls are only costume jewelry and its value is very little or none at all. Needless to say, imitation or fake pearls can easily be distinguished from genuine ones. They are usually obvious in their extremely uniform color and shape, while their luster dims greatly.

Cultured Pearl

If a pearl vendor tells you her pearls are natural, she probably means cultivated. Due to the rarity of natural pearls, a new method of pearl production was created. Cultured pearl is considered as one that has been formed with human intervention on a pearl farm. It simply means that the mollusk that creates the pearl is given an irritant so the pearl material forms around the foreign body. Amazingly enough, this process can take up to three years to be complete. The vast majority of pearls on the market nowadays are cultured pearls.

Wild or Natural Pearl

Natural pearls are extremely expensive and rare for they are formed spontaneously from nature itself, thus are produced in small quantities. The actual value of this type of pearl is determined in the same way as it would be for other precious gems.

Buying a pearl necklace should involve a meticulous selection process considering the fact that its popularity and value has paved the way for pearl frauds to become widespread.