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Rappers have been setting style or trends for many men for as long as rap has been around. A lot of men want this look. However not everyone knows how to pull it off and utilize their clothing and jewelry to make a remarkable statement. Here are some of the popular rappers and the jewelries they use.


Sean Combs or popular known as Puff Daddy, P. Diddy and Diddy, has been a style icon for rappers and a lot of men. His style might have changed since then, both in fashion and in music, however certain classics have lasted making a remarkable impression on the world. One of his iconic looks is his Figaro chains and his diamond earrings.  Whether it is a only earrings or a Figaro chain, jeans or a nice suit, he is almost seen showing off what this rapper has earned with this amazing hip hop jewelry.


Even if not so active in the field of rapping, he certainly has been an integral part of rap scene as well as his fashion. While Nigo clothing brand has sold in billion dollars, it’s his Cuban Link Chains which surely got it going. This amazing chain really showed that he is a player in real money and the amount is not a joke.

Kanye West

When you talk about fashion statement and excluding this man? Not in many years! While his jewelry might not be that expensive, surely it will catch your attention. This gold chain surely goes HAM. This shows that this rapper is a royalty and one of the best hip hop artists.

Slim Thug’s Boss Hogg

With his Figaro chains, Slim to the world who is the real boss! This amazing redefined southern jewelry that was humble. Not just this is funky, but also a deep piece of metal. One best touches on this Figaro chain is the iced out.


He became a trendsetter with this gold chain. For a lot of reasons, this old school design makes the gold chain even more attractive and appealing because of the fact that it defines a time. This gold chain is a definite classic.

Although you are not a rapper, or at least not a renowned rapper, still you can get that Nas, P. Diddy, Kanye West, Slim Thug’s Boss Hogg and Nigo look and style. One of the best thing about these rappers as a style icon is how versatile they are. They have been seen in such a wide range of clothing as well as amazing jewelry, seeming to select just based upon what they feel like at the moment. The one lasting constant that could be seen in all of their looks, is good taste. Their outfits are almost always accented with high quality and amazing jewelry, whether dressed up or down. Therefore, select no matter what clothing suits your moods that could be anything from suit or a sweat. Just make sure to accent every outfit with the right jewelry like gold chain, Figaro chain or Cuban Link Chain.