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Mint Gold Coins: Buy Gold Bullion Coins & American Gold Eagles

Sep 27, 2023 | Coins & Bullion, gold and silver bullion coins salem oregon, Gold Bullion, Gold Coins

Unlock Wealth With American Gold Eagles: Your Ultimate Guide to Buying Popular Gold Bullion Coins

Gold has long been a valued asset, serving as a hedge against inflation and a secure port in an economic storm. In particular, the American Gold Eagle, a popular gold coin, provides a solid investment in physical gold. Whether you’re a veteran investor or new to the gold market, this comprehensive guide will delve into the world of gold bullion coins, focusing on why you should consider buying physical gold bullion like the American Gold Eagle. Stick around, as you are about to discover why Accurate Precious Metals is your ideal partner in this golden venture.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the value and significance of investing in gold, particularly in gold bullion coins like the American Gold Eagle.
  • Discover the various gold coins from mints across the world.
  • Explore the purchasing process of gold bullion and the factors to consider before buying.
  • Learn the difference between a pawn shop and a gold dealer, and why Accurate Precious Metals stands out.

Why Invest in Gold?

Investing in gold provides a wealth preservation strategy that has stood the test of time. When economies go through turbulence, the price of gold tends to remain relatively stable or even increase, making it an excellent hedge against inflation. Purchasing physical gold, unlike gold ETFs or gold mutual funds, gives investors the security of owning a tangible asset. This provides a sense of stability that gold futures or other financial instruments may not offer.

Investing in gold bullion coins offers a different experience compared to other forms of gold investment such as gold bars or gold jewelry. Gold bullion coins like the American Gold Eagle are minted by governments, lending them a level of authenticity and trust that’s hard to match. The value of gold in these coins is also recognized worldwide, making them highly liquid and easily tradable.

Understanding Gold Bullion Coins

Gold bullion coins are coins minted from gold, with their value primarily based on the gold content rather than numismatic or collectible value. One of the most popular gold coins is the American Gold Eagle, produced by the U.S. Mint. It’s worth noting that gold bullion coins come in different purities, with the purest gold being 9999 fine gold, as seen in the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf.

The weight of these coins typically ranges from 1/10 troy ounces of gold to 1 troy ounce. When you purchase gold bullion coins, you are essentially buying physical gold bullion in a form that’s convenient to trade, store, and transport. When purchasing from Accurate Precious Metals, you are assured of the gold coin’s authenticity and quality, providing a secure way to invest in gold.

The Allure of the American Gold Eagle

Since its first mintage in 1986, the American Gold Eagle coin has been a top choice among gold investors and collectors. Minted by the U.S. Mint, this gold bullion coin is recognized worldwide for its reliability and gold content. Made from 22-karat gold, or 9167 fine gold, the American Gold Eagle offers a durable and internationally recognized investment.

The American Gold Eagle is available in several denominations, providing options for different investment levels. Whether you’re buying your first coin or expanding your gold investment, the American Gold Eagle offers a solid addition to your portfolio.

Exploring Other Popular Gold Coins

While the American Gold Eagle is undoubtedly a staple in the gold coin market, other mints around the globe produce their own esteemed gold bullion coins. These include the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf from the Royal Canadian Mint, the British Gold Britannia from the Royal Mint, the Australian Gold Kangaroo from the Perth Mint, and the South African Gold Krugerrand, to name a few.

Accurate Precious Metals carries a wide range of these popular gold bullion coins, allowing investors to diversify their portfolios. We ensure the authenticity and quality of these coins, providing you with a safe avenue for your gold investments.

How to Buy Gold with Accurate Precious Metals

Buying gold, particularly gold bullion coins, can be a straightforward process when done with a reliable dealer. Accurate Precious Metals offers competitive prices, a wide array of products, and secure transactions. We’re not a pawn shop; we’re a trusted gold dealer specializing in the sale of physical gold bullion and popular gold coins. You can even mail in your gold, silver, diamonds, or jewelry if you’re not local to our Salem, Oregon location.

Before buying, it’s essential to keep an eye on the gold market and understand the price of gold. Knowledge about gold bullion coins’ weight, purity (i.e. gold content), and premium over the gold spot price is crucial. And remember, at Accurate Precious Metals, we’re always ready to assist you in your gold-buying journey.

The Difference Between a Pawnshop and a Gold Dealer

When it comes to selling or buying precious metals, one might wonder about the difference between a pawn shop and a dealer such as Accurate Precious Metals. A pawn shop typically offers loans with your gold as collateral, while a gold dealer specializes in buying and selling gold and other precious metals. It’s worth noting that Accurate Precious Metals offers better buy prices than pawn shops, assuring you get the most value for your gold investments.

In conclusion, investing in gold, specifically in gold bullion coins like the American Gold Eagle, can be a wise move for diversifying your portfolio and preserving wealth. As you navigate the gold market, remember that a reputable dealer like Accurate Precious Metals can make buying easy, secure, and rewarding.

Key Points to Remember:

  • Investing in gold, especially gold bullion coins, provides a reliable hedge against economic uncertainties.
  • Gold bullion coins like the American Gold Eagle are minted by governments, adding an extra layer of trust and authenticity.
  • Whether you are in a remote place like Westminster, buying from a reliable dealer like Accurate Precious Metals ensures the quality and authenticity of your gold investments anywhere in the U.S.
  • Accurate Precious Metals offers better buy prices than pawn shops, giving you excellent value for your precious metals.


Q: What are Mint Gold Coins?

A: Mint Gold Coins are gold bullion coins that are produced by government mints around the world.

Q: What are some popular Mint Gold Coins?

A: Some popular Mint Gold Coins include the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, the Chinese Gold Panda, the American Gold Eagle, and the South African Gold Krugerrand.

Q: What is the price of gold?

A: The price of gold fluctuates daily based on market conditions and factors such as supply and demand.

Q: How can I purchase gold?

A: You can purchase gold from reputable dealers, online platforms, or directly from government mints.

Q: What is a Gold Libertad?

A: A Gold Libertad is a gold bullion coin that is produced by the Mexican Mint.

Q: What is an Australian Gold Kangaroo?

A: An Australian Gold Kangaroo is a gold bullion coin that is produced by the Perth Mint in Australia.

Q: How can I purchase gold bullion?

A: You can purchase gold bullion from reputable dealers, online platforms, or directly from government mints.

Q: What are some other ways to buy gold?

A: Other ways to buy gold include purchasing gold bars, investing in gold ETFs, or opening a gold IRA.

Q: What is the best way to buy gold?

A: The best way to buy gold depends on your individual preferences and investment goals. It is recommended to do thorough research and consult with a financial advisor before making any purchases.

Q: What are some factors to consider when buying gold?

A: Some factors to consider when buying gold include the purity of the gold, the reputation of the seller, the current gold prices, and any associated fees or premiums. Accurate Precious Metals takes pride in providing its customers with the lowest premium above spot prices for gold and other precious metals. With our commitment to transparency and competitive pricing, we aim to offer the best value for your investment in precious metals. Visit for more information on the best deals!

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