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Looking to Buy or Sell Gold and Silver Bullion? Look No Further!

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December 3, 2015

At Accurate Precious Metals, we have an abundant selection of the very best unique silver and gold bullion. If you are already a collector of gold or silver bullion, chances are you know what a great investment they are. Collecting gold and silver bullion is an easy way for for people to start investing in gold and silver. Typically, when the value of money declines, the value of gold and silver rises.

One of the advantages of coming to Accurate Precious Metals is that you will be able to see and hold the bullion that you are interested in buying on the spot. It is hard to tell what a piece is really like just by looking at it on your computer screen. Not only are you able to see and touch the piece in person before deciding whether or not to make any sort of purchase, when you are browsing at a physical coin shop, you are able to pay for a piece, as well as exit the shop with the bullion in hand. This is not possible when making a purchase with an online metal dealer.

How do you know if the gold or silver bullion that you are buying is really pure gold or silver?

  • If the silver that you are looking at is really sterling silver, it will have been stamped with either the number 800 or 925. If neither of these numbers are anywhere on it, then it is not definitely not authentic. For gold bullion, ensure that a certified coin dealer (like us!) has carefully inspected the coin to ensure that it is pure gold.
  • When you tap what you believe to be a silver coin with another coin, it should make a ringing sound. If it doesn’t make a ringing sound, that is an indication that the coin in question is actually fake.
  • If the piece is really silver, it will be able to melt ice! An ice cube that has been placed on a silver coin or that is touching real silver will melt much faster than usual. This is due to silver’s thermal conductivity.

Are you ready to sell your silver or gold bullion for top dollar? Are you looking to add to your bullion collection? Come see us at Accurate Precious Metals!

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