If you’ve been wearing your jewelry for a while and it has been getting a bit dirty, you’ll realize it doesn’t have the same shine and luster as it once did when new. The good news is that a thorough jewelry cleaning will restore that beautiful like-new shine!

Gold and silver jewelry cleaning can be easy using ½ cup ammonia mixed with 1 cup warm water. Put jewelry or any other precious metals in solution. Then carefully take out and rub with cloth until clean and dry.

If your silver has stuck-on dust and dirt that won’t come out try rubbing it with a pink eraser first.

For Diamonds, soak it in club soda overnight and viola! It will restore that gorgeous brilliance!

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of purchasing cleaning supplies and having to do it yourself visit us! We’ll gladly clean your jewelry at a very reasonable price!

We are able to buff out any dirt and blemishes and then run it through our ultrasonic cleaner giving it the beautiful, gleaming appearance that you’ll love!

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