Nowadays there are so many options to consider when choosing to buy a diamond ring. Do you pick a preset ring or do you customize your choice with a handpicked diamonds and custom band? You then have to pick the type of jewel or jewels and the sizing of the jewel(s). When buying a ring for that special someone, you want it to be absolutely perfect. Whether you are buying an engagement diamond ring, wedding ring, or anniversary gift, the ring that you choose says a lot about your interpretation of the relationship. It also shows how well you know the person that you are buying for. Today, we will be discussing the four C’s of diamonds to consider to make sure that you buy the perfect diamond ring.

Shaping Up

Before determining the four C’s, you have to choose the shape of diamond that you want. There are many different shapes, each of which have different determining factors to pick the best cut, clarity, carat, and color. Here are the shapes to choose from: Round, Princess, Cushion,Pear, Marquise , Radiant,Emerald , Heart, Triangle, and Baguette straight and tapered.


The clarity of a diamond is based on the measurement of impurities within a diamond. Diamonds with the least amount of imperfections, and the smallest imperfections have a high clarity score. On the contrary, diamonds that have several blemishes and larger imperfections have a low clarity score. Most imperfections are found while the diamond is being viewed under a microscope. To find a decently priced diamond that still looks flawless, we recommend picking a diamond that appears flawless to the unaided eye. This means that the diamond may not be flawless under a microscope but to anyone viewing the diamond with a plain eye  the diamond will look like a masterpiece. This will help your wallet and still wow all that view it.


This is the most important characteristic when choosing a diamond.It has the most influence on the beauty of the diamond aka the sparkle factor. How much a diamond shimmers is affected by the quality of the cut. The sparkle of a diamond is the reflection of light. The better the cut, the more light will be able to reflect off the diamond making it appear sparkly. If the cut is bad, the diamond will not reflect as much light and will appear dull. The cut of the diamond is one thing to never compromise on. Always go to the best cut to get the most value for your money.


The weight of a diamond is nothing without a quality cut grade and a good distance of the top of the diamond. Most rings are viewed looking down at the setting so if your diamond is heavy but does not have a wide top, it will appear smaller than its actual carat size. The cut and length of the top in millimeters are two major pieces of the diamond that should be used in conjunction when selecting a carat size.


Color is how the whiteness of a diamond is graded. It refers to slight variations of coloring in a diamond. The less color a diamond has, the more valuable it becomes. Color is the second most important characteristic when choosing a diamond. Color appears within a diamond as a pale yellow. A good quality diamond will have little to no color. An excellent diamond, which is extremely rare has absolutely no color.

Now you have an idea of how to use the four C’s of diamonds to shop for the perfect diamond ring, you just have to know where to buy diamond rings! Visit your friends at Accurate Precious Metals to create the perfect engagement diamond ring for that special someone!