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Cash For Gold Coins: Sell Diamonds & Sell Gold For Cash

Accurate Precious Metals

September 12, 2023

Turning Your Gold and Diamonds Into Cash: A Guide on How and Where to Sell Gold for Cash

In an unpredictable economic climate, selling gold and diamonds can be a profitable venture that can unlock the hidden value of your assets. With this comprehensive guide, we’ll share why and how to transform your gold coins, jewelry, and diamonds into top cash. Let us assist you in your journey with Accurate Precious Metals, a leading gold buyer in the USA, who offers significantly better buy prices than any pawnshop. We have a hassle-free mail-in service for non-local customers, including those in Salem, Oregon. Read on to discover the potential profits sitting in your jewelry box.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding the right time to sell gold.
  • Where and how to sell gold for cash near you or online.
  • The advantages of selling to established gold buyers like Accurate Precious Metals over pawn shops.
  • Insights on selling gold coins, jewelry, and diamonds.
  • Best practices in determining the value of your gold and diamonds.

When is the Best Time to Sell Gold?

Knowing when to sell your gold can make a significant difference in the cash you get. The price of gold fluctuates based on global market conditions. In recent years, gold prices have shown a general upward trend, making it a good time to sell gold. Being a precious metal, gold holds its value well, and selling gold can be an excellent way to obtain quick cash when you need it.

Accurate Precious Metals monitors these market trends and offers you the highest possible price for your gold. We offer a gold calculator on our website to give you an estimate of your gold’s value based on the current price of gold. This feature enables you to make an informed decision about selling your gold for cash.

Where Can I Sell Gold Near Me?

If you’re looking for a local gold buyer, consider Accurate Precious Metals. Conveniently located in Salem, Oregon, we buy gold from clients all over the US. For non-local customers, we offer secure, insured, mail-in services to ensure you can sell gold from the comfort of your home. We prioritize providing you with a safe, convenient way to sell your gold.

When selling your gold online, it’s essential to choose an established online gold buyer like us. Our reputation and client testimonials stand as proof of our commitment to offering you top dollar for your gold. We make sure you get cash in hand quickly and efficiently.

How to Determine the Value of Your Gold?

The value of your gold depends on its weight, purity, and current spot gold price. To determine the purity of the gold, we perform professional assessments and consider factors such as whether it’s pure gold, white gold, gold-plated, or any other type. Broken jewelry, dental gold, or gold bullion—all have value, and we pay cash for all kinds of gold items.

With Accurate Precious Metals, you can be confident you are getting a fair price for your gold. We base our rates on the current LBMA gold price, ensuring you receive the maximum value possible. So, whether you want to sell old gold or are considering selling your gold coins, know you will get the best price with us.

Can I Sell Gold Coins?

Gold coins can often fetch a high price, especially if they are rare coins or foreign gold coins. As a reputable gold buyer, Accurate Precious Metals specializes in buying gold coins. You can sell gold coins to us regardless of their condition or origin. We are dedicated to giving you a fair, market-driven price for your gold coins.

Not only do we offer cash for gold coins, but we also buy and sell a variety of precious metals, including silver coins and silver bullion. So, if you’re selling gold coins or looking to diversify your investment, we have got you covered.

How Can I Sell My Gold Jewelry?

Whether it’s broken gold pieces, old gold jewelry, or scrap gold lying around, these all have value. You can sell your gold jewelry, including white gold and gold-plated items, at Accurate Precious Metals. We even offer cash for gold jewelry studded with diamonds or other precious stones. If you’re ready to sell your gold for cash, we are prepared to pay top dollar for your pieces.

Don’t worry about the condition of your jewelry. Even broken jewelry can be valuable, and we are happy to assess and provide you with a competitive offer. Our friendly, experienced staff will guide you through the entire process, ensuring a pleasant selling experience.

What About Diamonds? Can I Sell Them Too?

Yes, diamonds indeed have a high value. If you have diamond jewelry or loose diamonds you wish to sell, we at Accurate Precious Metals are ready to offer you an attractive price. We take into account the cut, color, clarity, and carat weight of your diamonds to give you the most accurate and best price.

We are not only a gold buyer but also a comprehensive place to sell diamonds and other precious gems. So, don’t let your diamonds gather dust. They could translate into cash in hand faster than you think.

Why Choose Accurate Precious Metals Over Pawn Shops?

While pawn shops can offer a fast way to sell your gold, they often provide a lower price than what you might receive from a dedicated gold buyer like Accurate Precious Metals. We specialize in buying gold and understand its true market value. Therefore, we can often offer a higher price for your gold than pawn shops.

Moreover, pawnshops offer loans using your gold as collateral, meaning you risk losing your precious items if you can’t pay back the loan in time. In contrast, when you sell your gold to Accurate Precious Metals, you receive immediate payment, with no strings attached. We aren’t a pawn shop; we’re dedicated gold buyers who offer better prices and a more straightforward process.

In Conclusion

When you decide it’s time to sell your gold, consider Accurate Precious Metals as your trusted partner. Not only do we offer top cash for gold, but we also buy diamonds and other precious items. Here’s a summary of the most important points to remember:

  • Gold and diamonds hold significant value, making them lucrative assets to sell.
  • Accurate Precious Metals offers a secure, convenient way to sell your gold, whether you are local to Salem, Oregon, or based elsewhere in the USA.
  • We give you top cash for gold based on current market prices and the weight and purity of your gold.
  • You can sell gold coins, jewelry, scrap gold, and diamonds to us, ensuring you receive a fair price every time.
  • We outshine pawn shops in terms of the buy prices we offer, providing a safer, more profitable alternative to get cash for your gold.

So why wait? Visit us at to unlock the true potential of your hidden treasures.


Q: What is cash for gold?

A: Cash for gold is a service that allows you to sell your gold jewelry, coins, or other valuables in exchange for cash.

Q: Where can I find a gold buyer?

A: You can find a gold buyer at jewelry stores, pawn shops, or through online gold-buying companies.

Q: How can I sell my gold for cash?

A: To sell your gold for cash, you can visit a local gold buyer, send your gold to an online gold-buying company, or use a gold-for-cash service at a pawn shop.

Q: What is the best way to sell gold?

A: The best way to sell gold is to research and compare offers from different gold buyers to ensure you get the best price for your gold.

Q: What is gold bullion?

A: Gold bullion refers to gold bars or coins that are valued based on their weight and purity.

Q: Can I buy gold?

A: Yes, you can buy gold from various sources such as jewelry stores, online gold dealers, or at gold bullion trading centers.

Q: Where is the best place to sell gold and jewelry?

A: The best place to sell gold and jewelry is subjective and depends on factors like location, reputation, and pricing offered by different gold buyers.

Q: How can I get cash for my gold and silver coins?

A: You can get cash for your gold and silver coins by selling them to a gold buyer or using a gold-for-cash service.

Q: Is there a local gold buyer near me?

A: To find a local gold buyer near you, you can search online or check local directories for jewelry stores or pawn shops that offer gold-buying services.

Q: Can I sell my gold jewelry for cash?

A: Yes, you can sell your gold jewelry for cash by visiting a gold buyer or using an online gold-buying service.

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