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Best Places to Sell Knives: Get Cash for Selling Your Knives

by | Jul 18, 2023 | Fast Cash, silver buyer near me, We Buy

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Unlock the Potential of Selling Your Knives: The Ultimate Guide to the Best Places to Sell Knives Online

Interested in selling your knives? Want to know the best places to sell them online? This comprehensive guide is your treasure map. We’ll go over the different options, strategies, and platforms where you can successfully sell your knives. Whether you’re looking to sell a custom knife, an antique knife, or a collection of used knives, this guide will provide you with the insight and tools you need. Discover why Accurate Precious Metals is one of the best places to sell knives, offering competitive prices and a secure, easy selling process. This guide is essential for knife sellers, collectors, and enthusiasts alike, aiming to turn their knives into cash.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover the best strategies and places to sell your knives
  • Understand how to value and present your knives for sale
  • Learn about the benefits of selling to Accurate Precious Metals
  • Explore the potential of selling your knives through online marketplaces, local markets, and more


Why Sell Your Knives?

Knives have a rich history and a wide range of uses, from practical purposes such as hunting and cooking to their value as collectible items. Whether you have a collection of antique knives, a set of handmade knives, or a variety of used knives, you might be sitting on a valuable asset. Selling your knives can be a great way to earn extra income or even start a new business. Especially if you have custom knives or knives suitable for hunting or other specific purposes, there can be a high demand and thus a lucrative market.

Accurate Precious Metals, with its reputation as one of the best places to buy and sell precious items online, extends its services to knife sellers as well. They offer competitive prices, based on the value and condition of your knives, and an easy, secure selling process. Whether you’re in the heart of New York or a small town in Texas, their mail-in service allows you to send us your knives and receive your payment swiftly.

What Types of Knives Can You Sell?

From pocket knives to hunting knives, automatic knives to fixed blade knives, the world of knives is vast and diverse. The sale of knives is not limited to just new, unused items. Used knives, as long as they are in good condition, can also fetch a good price. Antique knives and collectible knives often hold more value due to their historical significance or rarity.

Even knives that may seem ordinary, like a utility knife or a simple pocket knife, can be sold if they are well-made and in good condition. Custom handmade knives, with their unique designs and craftsmanship, can also be highly sought after. It’s important to understand the market for the specific types of knives you have, as different knives may attract different buyers.

Accurate Precious Metals accepts a wide variety of silver knives. So, if you’re looking to sell your knives, you can rest assured that they will be able to evaluate your items accurately and offer a fair price.

How Much Can You Sell Your Knives For?

The price you can fetch for your knives will depend on several factors. These include the type of knife (e.g., pocket knife, hunting knife, collectible knife), its condition, its brand or maker, and its rarity or historical significance. For instance, a custom knife from a renowned knifemaker or an antique knife with a rich history could command a higher price than a generic utility knife.

Before attempting to sell your knives, it’s advisable to have them appraised. This will give you a clear understanding of their worth, helping you set a fair asking price and negotiate effectively. Accurate Precious Metals offers a professional appraisal service, providing you with an accurate and honest assessment of your knives’ value.

Where Can You Sell Your Knives?

There are numerous outlets where you can sell your knives. These include online marketplaces, local markets, knife forums, and businesses that specialize in buying knives. Online platforms can offer a wider audience, potentially increasing your chances of selling your knives at a good price. However, it’s crucial to choose a reliable and reputable platform to ensure a smooth and secure transaction.

Accurate Precious Metals stands out as a top choice for many knife sellers. They offer a simple and secure mail-in service, allowing you to sell your knives from anywhere in the country. With their competitive prices and transparent dealings, you can rest assured that you’re getting a fair deal for your knives.

How Can You Effectively Sell Your Knives Online?

When it comes to selling your knives online, presentation is key. High-quality photos showcasing your knives from different angles, detailed descriptions highlighting their features and condition, and setting a fair price can significantly increase your chances of making a sale. It’s also important to be responsive to potential buyers and provide excellent customer service.

Accurate Precious Metals makes it easy for you to sell your knives online. You can simply send an email to them with quality photos and detailed information about your knives. Their expert team will review your submission and provide you with a quote within five business days. If you accept their offer, you can mail in your knives using their secure mail-in service and receive your payment swiftly.

Can You Sell Your Knives Locally?

Yes, selling your knives locally can be a viable option, especially if you live in a community with a strong interest in knives. Local markets, flea markets, and local knife shows can be great venues for selling your knives. Selling locally can also allow you to avoid shipping costs and potential issues with mailing knives.

However, keep in mind that the pool of potential buyers may be smaller when selling locally compared to online. It’s also important to ensure that selling knives is legal in your local area and complies with all applicable regulations.

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Can You Trade Your Knives?

Trading your knives is another option you might want to consider. This can be an effective way to upgrade your knife collection or exchange knives that you no longer need for those that you do. Trading can be done online on knife forums or in person at local knife shows or meets. When trading, it’s crucial to agree on the value of the knives being traded to ensure a fair deal.

While Accurate Precious Metals primarily offers a buying service, they are open to potential trades of high-value or particularly rare pieces. Contact them to discuss possible trade options for your silver knives.

How Can You Promote Your Knives for Sale?

Promoting your knives for sale can increase their visibility and attract more potential buyers. You can use social media platforms, online forums, word of mouth, and even local community boards to spread the word about your knives for sale. The more people who know you have knives for sale, the greater your chances of selling them.

Accurate Precious Metals, as a renowned dealer, also brings visibility to your knives. Their online presence attracts a multitude of collectors and knife enthusiasts, increasing the chances of your knives being sold at a competitive price.

Key Takeaways to Remember:

  • Selling your knives can be a lucrative opportunity, whether you have a collection of antique knives, handmade knives, or used knives.
  • Knowing the value of your knives and understanding the market is crucial for successful selling.
  • Accurate Precious Metals is a top choice for selling silver knives, offering competitive prices and a secure, easy selling process.
  • There are numerous platforms to sell your knives, including online marketplaces, local markets, and knife forums.
  • Effective promotion can increase the visibility of your knives and attract more potential buyers.


Q: Where can I sell my knives?

A: There are several places where you can sell your knives. Some of the best places include online marketplaces, knife forums, local markets, and collectors and enthusiasts.

Q: Can I sell my custom and handmade knives?

A: Absolutely! Many people are interested in buying custom and handmade knives. If you have unique and well-crafted knives, you can find a market for them.

Q: Should I sell my knives in person or online?

A: Both options have their advantages. Selling knives in person allows potential buyers to inspect the knives firsthand. However, selling online can reach a wider audience and potentially fetch higher prices.

Q: Are there any online marketplaces specifically for selling knives?

A: Yes, there are dedicated online marketplaces such as KnifeWorks, BladeHQ, and Knife Depot where you can list and sell your knives.

Q: What do I need to know before selling my knives online?

A: Before you list your knives for sale online, it’s important to understand the market. Research similar knives to gauge their value, take high-quality photos, and provide accurate and detailed descriptions of the knives you’re selling.

Q: Can I sell my knives to local knife collectors?

A: Absolutely! Selling your knives to local collectors is a great way to find interested buyers who appreciate the craftsmanship and uniqueness of your knives.

Q: Are there any particular knife brands that sell well?

A: While there are many popular knife brands among collectors and enthusiasts, some brands like Benchmade and Buck Knives have a strong following and tend to sell well.

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