Where to Buy Diamond Rings?

You probably have been dreaming of owning a diamond ring. Unfortunately, most diamond rings have a markup equivalent to about two months’ salary. This is the kind of price that many retailers charge for items of lower value than what we provide. We are confident that we can offer you a diamond ring for a fraction of the price that a retailer would charge.

There are lots of overwhelming options when browsing for a striking diamond ring. Some choices offer diamond rings straight from the manufacturer – newly created. As expected, these come with extravagant prices. We at Accurate Precious Metals Coins, Jewelry, and Diamonds take pride in the fact that we provide a vast selection of affordable and unique diamond rings.

Why choose Accurate Precious Metals as your source for purchasing a diamond ring?

If your concern is the cost, we are confident that we beat all prices around. Since we are the refinery we are able to hand pick the items that are the most unique and beautiful. We don’t believe that anyone should pay retail.

We are the refinery and we have state of the art equipment that only a few have in the country. This allows us to know exactly what we are selling. Many dealers do not know what they are selling and end up selling items to their customer either overpriced or not true to what they advertise. We believe that all customers should understand and feel confident that they are receiving what they are told. Come visit us today at our Salem, Oregon location.