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1948 Silver Roosevelt Dime Coin Value Guide & Information

Accurate Precious Metals

July 3, 2024

The 1948 Silver Roosevelt Dime stands as an important coin in American numismatics, attracting both collectors and investors alike. This blog post dives deep into the value, history, and unique attributes of the 1948 Roosevelt silver dime, offering invaluable insights for both novice and experienced coin enthusiasts. Whether you are looking to understand the dime’s worth, its minting particulars, or the best strategies for buying and selling, this guide has you covered.

What Is the Historical Significance of the 1948 Roosevelt Dime?

Introduced by the United States Mint in 1946, the Roosevelt dime honors the 32nd President, Franklin D. Roosevelt. As part of this series, the 1948 Roosevelt dime holds a special place in American history and coin collecting. The obverse features the portrait of Roosevelt, designed by John R. Sinnock, marking a tribute to Roosevelt’s pivotal role in founding the March of Dimes and battling polio.

The 1948 minting remains notable for its quality and design. Many collectors seek out this particular year due to its higher mintage and widespread availability, making it an accessible entry point for budding numismatists and investors. Despite the higher mintage, its value continues to intrigue collectors due to its historical and silver content.

How Does Coin Grading Impact the Value of a 1948 Roosevelt Dime?

Grading significantly affects the value of a coin, and the 1948 Roosevelt dime is no exception. Coins graded by professional services like the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) or the Numismatic Guaranty Company (NGC) often command higher prices. A common grading system uses Sheldon Coin Grading Scale, ranging from Poor (P-1) to Perfect Mint State (MS-70).

For the 1948 Roosevelt dime, grades of 60 or better substantially increase its market value. Uncirculated coins, graded MS-65 or higher, are especially prized by collectors. These grades indicate few to no blemishes, sharp details, and excellent eye appeal. Accurate grading can only be achieved through certification by reputable services such as PCGS, underscoring the dime’s worth in the numismatic marketplace.

What Minting Details Make the 1948 Roosevelt Dime Unique?

The 1948 Roosevelt dime was minted across three United States Mint facilities: the Philadelphia Mint, Denver Mint, and San Francisco Mint. The mint mark, found on the reverse side near the base of the torch, indicates the coin’s place of origin. Philadelphia, being the primary mint, did not include a mint mark, whereas Denver coins bear a “D” and San Francisco coins an “S”.

This year, the mintage differences among the facilities contribute to varying levels of rarity. For example, the Philadelphia Mint produced the highest number of dimes, making them more common. Conversely, San Francisco mintages tend to be lower, increasing their collectible value. Generally, the mint mark plays a crucial role in determining a 1948 Roosevelt dime’s value and collectibility.

What Is the Current Market Value of a 1948 Roosevelt Dime?

Determining the current market value of a 1948 Roosevelt dime involves several factors including its grade, mint mark, and overall condition. As of the latest numismatic guides, a 1948 dime in average circulated condition may range from $1.50 to $3.00. However, higher-grade coins, particularly those certified by PCGS or NGC, can command much higher prices.

For example, an uncirculated 1948 Roosevelt dime graded MS-65 or better can fetch upwards of $30 to $50 at auctions or coin dealers like Accurate Precious Metals. The price of silver also influences the dime’s intrinsic value, given its 90% silver content. Precious metal fluctuations can add another layer of complexity to the overall valuation.

Why Should You Invest in a 1948 Roosevelt Dime?

Investing in a 1948 Roosevelt dime offers both historical significance and economic potential. The dime contains valuable silver content, making it an attractive option for precious metal enthusiasts. Unlike modern coins, which often lack substantial intrinsic value, older silver dimes like the 1948 edition benefit from both numismatic and bullion market dynamics.

Collectors also value the 1948 Roosevelt dime for its historical context, not only as currency but also as a tribute to a significant American figure. Given the potential for price appreciation in high-grade, certified coins, these dimes provide an appealing asset for long-term investment. Accurate Precious Metals offers various options for acquiring these valuable coins, enhancing your portfolio’s diversity.

What Are the Price Guide Values for Different Grades of the 1948 Roosevelt Dime?

The price guide values for the 1948 Roosevelt dime vary depending on the coin’s grade and mint mark. Common circulated coins, graded Fine (F-12) to Extremely Fine (EF-40), generally trade between $1.50 and $3.00. As the grade improves, so does the value. About Uncirculated (AU-50) dimes can range from $5.00 to $10.00.

Uncirculated coins (MS-60 or better) offer a marked increase in value. Dimes graded MS-65 can range from $30 to $50, while those achieving even higher grades can reach into the hundreds. San Francisco-minted dimes often attract a premium due to their relative scarcity, driving value up even further.

How to Authenticate a 1948 Roosevelt Dime?

Authenticating a 1948 Roosevelt dime involves several steps. The first check includes examining key features such as the obverse’s detailed portrait of Roosevelt and the reverse’s torch, oak, and olive branches. Counterfeit coins often exhibit inconsistencies in these design elements.

Certification by reputable services such as PCGS or NGC provides a dependable method to authenticate and assess the coin’s value. These organizations offer a database and census tools to cross-reference the coin’s authenticity. Accurate Precious Metals also adheres to rigorous standards in authentication, ensuring a reliable source for genuine 1948 Roosevelt dimes.

Where Can You Buy or Sell a 1948 Roosevelt Dime?

Purchasing or selling a 1948 Roosevelt dime requires selecting trusted sources. Accurate Precious Metals stands out as a reputable dealer for both buying and selling these valuable coins. Unlike some dealers offering free shipping on smaller orders, Accurate Precious Metals only extends this benefit on larger transactions.

Auctions, whether online or in-person, offer another avenue for dealing in 1948 Roosevelt dimes. Platforms like eBay provide a broad marketplace, though buyers must exercise caution and verify seller reputations. Always prefer certified coins to maximize both value and authenticity.

What Is the Future Value Prediction for the 1948 Roosevelt Dime?

The future value of the 1948 Roosevelt dime remains promising due to several factors. Historical significance, silver content, and high-grade examples contribute to its long-term value. Numismatic trends also indicate steady interest in mid-20th-century coins, suggesting that demand will likely remain robust.

Economic conditions, particularly movements in the price of silver, will further impact the dime’s future worth. Transparency in grading and authentication enhances market confidence, driving higher values for certified coins. Investing in these dimes now could offer substantial returns in the long run.

FAQs About the 1948 Roosevelt Dime

What Is the Rarity of the 1948 Roosevelt Dime?

Relative to other coins in the Roosevelt dime series, the 1948 edition is not exceedingly rare, especially from the Philadelphia Mint. However, higher-grade examples, particularly those from the San Francisco Mint, hold greater rarity and value. The coin remains a common collector’s item due to its widespread mintage.

How Does the Mint Mark Affect the Value of the 1948 Roosevelt Dime?

The mint mark significantly influences the coin’s value. Philadelphia Mint dimes, with no mint mark, are more common and fetch lower prices compared to their Denver (“D”) or San Francisco (“S”) counterparts. San Francisco dimes are particularly prized for their relative scarcity, enhancing their market value.

What Are the Key Features to Look for in a 1948 Roosevelt Dime?

Collectors should ensure the presence of detailed design elements, including the portrait of Roosevelt on the obverse and the torch with surrounding branches on the reverse. Checking for mint marks and authenticating the coin through reputable services like PCGS can help confirm its legitimacy and value.

Why Do Collectors Seek Out Uncirculated 1948 Roosevelt Dimes?

Uncirculated 1948 Roosevelt dimes offer superior value due to their pristine condition. Coins graded MS-60 or higher display sharp details, minimal to no wear, and excellent eye appeal. These attributes significantly boost their value compared to circulated versions, making them a desirable investment.

How Can Accurate Precious Metals Help in Acquiring a 1948 Roosevelt Dime?

Accurate Precious Metals specializes in various gold and silver products, including the 1948 Roosevelt dime. They ensure the authenticity and quality of their offerings, providing a trusted platform for buying and selling these valuable coins. While they do not currently offer storage options, they plan to introduce this service in the future, offering additional convenience for investors and collectors alike.

Summary of Key Points

  • The 1948 Roosevelt dime remains a key piece in American numismatics.
  • Grading and mint marks significantly influence the dime’s value.
  • Philadelphia Mint dimes are more common, while San Francisco dimes hold higher value.
  • Investing in uncirculated, high-grade coins offers better returns.
  • Accurate Precious Metals stands as a reliable dealer for buying or selling these coins.
  • Future value predictions remain optimistic, driven by historical significance and silver content.


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