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1944 Washington Silver Quarter Coin Value | Worth & Info

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July 2, 2024

The 1944 Washington Silver Quarter stands as a significant piece in the realm of coin collecting. Its historical context, numismatic value, and scarcity in various grades make it a sought-after coin among collectors. This article will delve into the 1944 Washington Quarter, providing insights into its value, grading, rarity, and where to buy or sell. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a novice, this guide will offer valuable information to enhance your understanding and appreciation of this collectible coin. Read on to discover why this coin continues to captivate numismatists worldwide.

What is the 1944 Washington Silver Quarter?

The 1944 Washington Silver Quarter, a member of the Washington Quarter series, was minted at the United States Mint facilities, including the Philadelphia Mint. This quarter consists of 90% silver and 10% copper, embodying the historical norm for U.S. quarters until 1964 when the composition changed to clad. The 1944 quarter sports the familiar portrayal of George Washington on the obverse side and an eagle perched on a branch on the reverse. The coin’s composition of silver lends it intrinsic value, making it attractive not only to coin collectors but also to silver investors.

The mint struck about 104 million of these quarters. Most were regular strikes with the mintmarks’ P’ for Philadelphia. A smaller quantity was from the Denver (‘D’) and San Francisco (S) mints. These mintmarks help collectors. They show how rare their coins are and how much they might be worth. The high silver content and historical significance make the 1944 Washington Silver Quarter a prized collectible.

How Much is a 1944 Washington Silver Quarter Worth?

Determining the value of a 1944 Washington Silver Quarter hinges on several factors, such as grade, mintmark, and condition. On average, a circulated 1944 quarter can be worth a few dollars more than its face value, primarily due to the intrinsic value of its silver content. As of the current year, silver prices also play a vital role in determining the base value of these quarters.

In higher grades, such as Extremely Fine (X.F.) or Uncirculated (MS60 or better), the value can escalate significantly. For instance, an MS65-graded 1944 Washington Silver Quarter can fetch upwards of $100 or more at auction. However, rarer mintmarks like the 1944-D can command higher prices based on their scarcity and demand in the numismatic community.

Grading the 1944 Washington Quarter: What to Look For?

Coin grading is crucial in determining the value of a 1944 Washington Silver Quarter. High-grade coins have minimal wear and clear details. They usually come with certificates. The certificates are from recognized grading agencies like the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) or the Numismatic Guaranty Company (NGC). Coins are graded on a scale from 1 to 70, with higher numbers indicating better conditions. Uncirculated coins (MS60 or better) have no wear and maintain their original luster, fetching higher prices in the market.

It is important to understand common grading terms. They include “Extremely Fine (X.F.), which means minor wear; “About Uncirculated (A.U.), which means very light wear on the highest points; and “Mint State (M.S.), which means no signs of circulation. Collectors often seek well-struck specimens with sharp details on the obverse and reverse sides.

The 1944 Quarter Mint Marks and Their Impact on Price

Mint marks significantly influence the value of the 1944 Washington Quarter. The Philadelphia Mint (no mintmark), Denver Mint (D), and San Francisco Mint (S) produced varying quantities, affecting their availability and price. Generally, quarters from the Denver (1944-D) and San Francisco (1944-S) mints are less common than their Philadelphia counterparts, adding a premium to their value.

For example, a 1944-D Washington Silver Quarter in MS65 condition could be substantially more valuable than a similar-grade coin from Philadelphia due to its relative rarity. It’s essential to identify the mintmark on your coin as it provides specific information about its origin and scarcity.

Where to Buy or Sell a 1944 Washington Quarter?

Accurate Precious Metals is a reputable dealer for those looking to buy or sell a 1944 Washington Silver Quarter. They offer a vast inventory of coins and precious metal products. They don’t provide free shipping on small orders or storage options, but their credibility and market knowledge make them a top choice among collectors.

You can also explore online platforms like eBay and Littleton Coin Company for purchasing and selling coins. Auctions provide an opportunity to discover unique pieces and compare prices to ensure you get the best value for your investment.

Understanding the Historical Context of the 1944 Washington Quarter

The 1944 Washington Quarter carries rich historical significance, being minted during World War II. These quarters served daily transactions when silver coinage was still prevalent. The silver content not only provided an intrinsic value but also linked the coin to a time when the U.S. economy heavily relied on precious metals for currency.

This historical backdrop adds a layer of intrigue and value to the 1944 Washington Quarter, making it a desirable addition to any numismatic collection. Recognizing the coin’s place in history can enhance its appeal and value to collectors and historians alike.

Factors Affecting the Value of a 1944 Washington Silver Quarter

Several factors influence the value of a 1944 Washington Silver Quarter, with grade and condition being paramount. An uncirculated coin will command a higher price than one showing signs of wear. Rarity, based on mintage numbers and surviving populations, also plays a critical role. Quarters from the Denver and San Francisco mints often fetch higher prices due to their lower mintage figures.

The broader numismatic market trends and the current price of silver also impact the value. Collectors should stay informed about these dynamics to make educated purchasing or selling decisions. The historical significance and market demand for U.S. coins further add to their value.

The Role of Auctions in Determining Coin Prices

Coin auctions serve as critical platforms for buying and selling rare coins, including the 1944 Washington Silver Quarter. They provide transparent market pricing driven by collector demand. Auction houses like Heritage Auctions and Stack’s Bowers often sell high-grade 1944 quarters. The prices they fetch serve as benchmarks for coin values.

Participating in auctions requires understanding the processes and conditions. Successful bidders often conduct thorough research on the coin’s condition, grading, and past auction results. Auctions enable collectors to acquire rare coins and sellers to realize the best possible price for their collectibles.

FAQs About the 1944 Washington Silver Quarter

How Can I Tell if My 1944 Quarter is Silver?

All 1944 Washington Quarters were struck with a silver composition of 90% silver and 10% copper. The easiest way to confirm this is by examining the coin’s edge; a solid silver coin will have a uniform silver appearance without any transparent copper layer, which is present in modern clad coins.

How Should I Grade My 1944 Washington Silver Quarter?

Grading your Washington Silver Quarter involves assessing its wear, detail, and overall condition. You can do a first evaluation, but getting certified by agencies like PCGS or NGC gives authoritative grading, which boosts the coin’s value.

What Can Affect the Value of My 1944 Washington Quarter?

Several factors can affect the value, including the coin’s grade, mintmark, rarity, and current silver prices. Coins from the Denver (D) and San Francisco (S) mints generally command higher premiums due to their lower mintage.

Where is the Mintmark on a 1944 Washington Quarter?

The mintmark on a 1944 Washington Quarter is located on the reverse side, below the eagle’s tail feathers. No mintmark indicates it was minted in Philadelphia, ‘D for Denver, and ‘S for San Francisco.

Can I Sell My 1944 Washington Silver Quarter Online?

Yes, you can sell your Washington Silver Quarter online through reputable dealers like Accurate Precious Metals or platforms such as eBay. To attract serious buyers, highlight the coin’s grade and any certifications.

Summary of What to Remember About the 1944 Washington Silver Quarter

  • The 1944 Washington Silver Quarter contains 90% silver, adding intrinsic value.
  • Museum-grade examples (MS60 or better) and rarer mintmarks (1944-D, 1944-S) are particularly valuable.
  • Grading from reputable agencies like PCGS or NGC can significantly influence the coin’s value.
  • Historical context and silver content make this quarter appealing for both collectors and investors.
  • Accurate Precious Metals provides an excellent platform for buying and selling these coins.


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