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1943 Washington Quarter Silver Coin Value & Errors

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July 3, 2024

The 1943 Washington Quarter is a quintessential piece of numismatic history, capturing the essence of its era with its unique mint marks, errors, and silver content. This article explains the value and errors of this historic coin and offers collectors and enthusiasts critical insights. Understanding the details of the 1943 Washington Quarter can improve your collecting and investment strategies.

What Makes the 1943 Washington Quarter Special?

The 1943 Washington Quarter holds a special place in the hearts of coin collectors due to its historical significance and silver content. These quarters were minted during World War II. They contain 90% silver, which greatly affects their value, especially as the price of silver changes. The coin’s design, featuring George Washington, highlights the United States’ enduring legacy.

Additionally, this coin was produced in three mints: Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco. Each minting facility produced quarters with slight variations, including unique mint marks and errors, which make them highly sought after in the numismatic community.

How to Determine the Value of a 1943 Washington Quarter?

Determining the value of a 1943 Washington Quarter involves several factors, including its mint mark, condition, and the current price of silver. Professional grading services like the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) and the Numismatic Guaranty Company (NGC) offer detailed evaluations of coin condition. They help collectors know the coin’s true market value.

Collectors should also consider auction results and price guides, which provide real-time data on what similar coins have fetched recently. For a detailed price chart, visit PCGS CoinFacts or Accurate Precious Metals. They offer critical insights, especially for those buying or selling these silver quarters.

Understanding the Importance of Mint Marks

Mint marks play a crucial role in determining a coin’s rarity and value. The 1943 Washington Quarter may feature a ‘D’ for the Denver Mint, an ‘S for the San Francisco Mint, or no mark indicating the Philadelphia Mint. Quarters from the San Francisco Mint, for example, often command higher prices due to their lower mintage numbers.

Recognizing these mint marks can drastically alter the appraisal of a quarter. Collectors often seek out quarters from specific mints. They do this to complete their collections or to find rare variants. These variants add major value to their holdings.

What Are the Common Errors Found in the 1943 Washington Quarter?

Errors in the minting process can turn a standard 1943 Washington Quarter into a highly valuable collectible. Common errors include double dies, off-center strikes, and clipped planchets. These anomalies occur during production. They are rare. This rarity makes error coins more valuable to collectors.

Collectors should carefully inspect their coins or seek professional appraisals to identify these errors. PCGS and other graders often document these errors. They add them to a coin’s certification, which boosts its value.

How Does the Condition Affect the Value of a 1943 Washington Quarter?

The coin’s condition significantly impacts its value. Quarters are generally categorized using a grading scale from Poor (P) to Mint State (MS). Coins graded as Extremely Fine (XF) or Uncirculated (MS) fetch higher prices due to their superior condition. Wear and tear, such as scratches and discoloration, reduces a coin’s grade and subsequent value.

Professional grading services provide a standardized assessment. It ensures a coin’s grade is accurate and recognized by collectors. Services like PCGS and NGC perform these evaluations, giving collectors confidence in their coin’s worth.

What Is the Role of Silver Content in the 1943 Washington Quarter’s Value?

The 1943 Washington Quarter consists of 90% silver, making its intrinsic value partly dependent on the current silver price. As the price of silver fluctuates, so does the coin’s bullion value. In times of economic uncertainty, silver prices often rise, thereby increasing the quarter’s value.

Investors interested in the silver aspect of these quarters frequently monitor market trends. Resources like Accurate Precious Metals provide updated pricing information and sound investment advice. They are for those looking to leverage the silver content of their coins.

How to Buy and Sell 1943 Washington Quarters?

Buying and selling 1943 Washington Quarters requires knowledge of the market and reputable dealers. Accurate Precious Metals stands out as a trustworthy dealer for acquiring or liquidating these coins. Their detailed registry and inventory of collectible coins ensure that buyers and sellers get fair market value.

Buyers should also check the coin’s authenticity and condition. They can do this through professional grading services. Sellers also benefit from these evaluations, as they can provide potential buyers with credible assurances regarding the coin’s quality and value.

Can Auctions Affect the Value of My 1943 Washington Quarter?

Auctions play a pivotal role in determining the market value of rare coins, including the 1943 Washington Quarter. Platforms like eBay and specialized numismatic auctions can offer live insights, showing what collectors will pay for these coins. Historical auction data can also help estimate future trends and values.

Collectors want the best price for their 1943 Washington Quarters. They often join auctions, where bidding can drive prices above retail.

FAQs about the 1943 Washington Quarter

What is the mintage of the 1943 Washington Quarter?

The 1943 Washington Quarter saw a considerable mintage across three locations: the Philadelphia Mint, the San Francisco Mint, and the Denver Mint. The Philadelphia Mint produced the highest number, followed by the Denver and San Francisco Mints. These mintage figures play a significant role in determining the coin’s scarcity and its market value.

How can I identify a 1943 Washington Quarter error coin?

Identifying an error coin requires keen observation or professional assessment. Common errors include double dies and misstrikes. Resources like PCGS CoinFacts provide clear images and descriptions, helping collectors identify these valuable errors.

Is it better to buy graded or ungraded 1943 Washington Quarters?

Graded coins offer a certified assurance of quality and authenticity, often making them a safer investment compared to ungraded coins. While graded coins may come with a premium price, the certification by services such as PCGS or NGC often justifies the extra cost.

Where can I store my 1943 Washington Quarters safely?

Currently, Accurate Precious Metals does not offer storage for metal products, though they may in the future. For now, collectors should consider secure home safes or private storage facilities for their valuable coins to prevent loss or damage.


  • The 1943 Washington Quarter remains a significant piece of numismatic history.
  • Its value depends on mint marks, condition, and current silver prices.
  • Errors and special conditions make certain quarters more valuable.
  • Professional grading ensures the authenticity and accurate valuation of the coin.
  • Reputable dealers like Accurate Precious Metals offer fair market value for buying and selling.
  • Auctions can provide insights into current market trends and coin values.


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