Jewelry items that are pre-owned, second-hand, or left behind by people who have passed away are called estate jewelry. Families around the world are searching for a trusted company that will buy estate jewelry. The word estate identifies it as old, antique or vintage, making it more rare than other jewelries.

Accurate Precious Metals Coins, Jewelry and Loans (Accurate PMR) is the one that you are looking for when it comes to selling pre-owned jewelries and much more. We are unique because we have a refinery which allows us to eliminate the middleman. Accurate PMR is a one stop shop for your precious metals needs.

Accurate PMR believes in the principle of building trust. We are a local family business that has worked hard to build the trust of each client since the very first day our doors were opened.

Accurate PMR accepts estate jewelries and welcomes attorneys and those who have inherited their family member’s jewelry to come and sell valued items to the shop for the best price. As a trusted local family business, Accurate PMR guarantees each and every client that they will be paid according to the value and condition of the pre-owned jewelry without any hidden fees. By researching and watching the market, Accurate PMR ensures that we are kept updated with the values of the different jewelries. With this knowledge, clients will be paid the maximum price for their pieces.

Estate jewelries are the hardest to sell because they are often pre-owned by someone who passed away. Accurate PMR is a trusted company that buys and sells estate gold in many cities. With Accurate PMR, you are assured that you will get the value that you deserve and the right price because the staff and owners are working hard to reach and even exceed your demands as well as your needs.

Located at 1855 Hawthorne Ave NE Salem, Oregon or call (503) 400-5608