Whether you are looking to buy an engagement ring or a diamond ring as an anniversary gift, you have to know what kind of ring you are looking for. A ring is something she is going to wear for the foreseeable future and you will want to make sure it is something that she is going to love. But picking out a ring can be a huge process and everyone can use a little help choosing the perfect one. We would like to help you out with a step-by-step guide on how to choose the right ring.

Step 1 – The Band

Choosing the right type of band might be an obvious choice. Does your girlfriend or wife usually wear gold or silver jewelry? This will indicate what kind of band to look into. If the answer is silver, you then have to decide if you want silver, white gold or platinum. The majority of silver-colored engagement rings are white gold.

Step 2 – Setting

This is what holds your diamonds or gemstones. This step is probably one of the hardest because it requires you to have extensive knowledge about the woman you are giving the ring to. Does she have a more classic style? Then she might like a solitaire design. Is she more into classic things? Then maybe look into vintage style rings. A good idea is to keep your eyes and ears open. Most likely, she is dropping hints on what she wants.

Step 3 – The Rock

The next step is the most in-depth step. You need to follow the four “C’s”: Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut. Respectively, these refer to the size of the stone, what color or kind of stone, quality of the stone and the shape of the stone. All of these styles are personal preferences that you can mix and match. For instance, if your girl says she likes a “princess cut” diamond it means that she would like a square or rectangle shape to her diamond.

Step 4 – Size

The average women’s ring size is a 7, however, if you don’t know what size your wife or bride-to-be is, you could always get a ring out of their jewelry box and bring it in to have it sized. If this is not possible, you can guess and if it doesn’t fit, the ring can be resized at a later date.

Size 5 – Choosing a Jeweler

We have to admit that we are biased here. If you want to pay more and go to Jared that is your prerogative, but we can guarantee that you won’t get the one-of-a-kind pieces there that you will get at a shop like Accurate Precious Metals.  We only accept the best quality and offer only the best styles to you.

A proposal is supposed to be the most romantic part of a woman’s life. Make sure you stop by Accurate PMR in Salem, Oregon before you make any decisions. Call us today!