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Maximize Your Profit: Sell Antique Sterling Silver Flatware to Top Buyers

This comprehensive guide explores the ins and outs of selling antique sterling silver flatware. From understanding the market value of your silver to finding the best places to sell, this article covers all aspects of the selling process. Learn about Accurate Precious Metals, a top buyer who can help you maximize your profit. With valuable insights and expert advice, this guide is worth reading if you’re looking to sell your sterling silver flatware.

Key Takeaways:

  • Identify the value of your sterling silver flatware
  • Find the best places to sell your flatware
  • Understand why Accurate Precious Metals is a top buyer
  • Learn how to negotiate the best price for your silver

Why Should You Sell Your Antique Sterling Silver Flatware?

If you have antique sterling silver flatware, you might be sitting on a considerable amount of money. Antique silver is often more valuable than contemporary pieces due to its age, craftsmanship, and historical significance. Moreover, the pure silver content of sterling silver flatware, typically 92.5%, adds to its market value. Selling these valuable items not only provides you with extra cash but also allows others to appreciate the beauty and history of these silver pieces.

Selling antique silver is particularly profitable if you inherited the family silver or found an antique set of flatware at a garage sale. Such pieces often have both sentimental value and monetary value. Whether you’re a collector wanting to sell pieces or someone who stumbled upon a treasure, understanding the worth of your antique silver and knowing how to sell it can earn you a tidy sum.

What Is the Market Value of Your Antique Sterling Silver Flatware?

Several factors contribute to the market value of your antique sterling silver flatware. Firstly, the purity of the silver is paramount. Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver, often marked as ‘925’ on the piece. In addition, the weight of the silver is crucial. The heavier the item, the more silver it contains, and the higher its value.

Aside from the silver content, the age, rarity, and condition of the item also impact its price. Certain flatware patterns or brands may also fetch a higher price. To determine the market value of your sterling silver flatware, consider having it professionally appraised. Accurate Precious Metals can provide an accurate and honest appraisal, ensuring you know exactly how much your silver is worth.

Where Is the Best Place to Sell Your Antique Sterling Silver Flatware?

While many places buy antique sterling silver, finding the right buyer is key to getting the best price. Accurate Precious Metals is a top buyer of silver flatware, offering fair prices based on the current market value of silver. Even if you’re not local to Salem, Oregon, you can still sell your silver items to Accurate Precious Metals through their convenient and secure mail-in service. They are an excellent alternative to pawn shops and local antique shops, providing you with a seamless selling experience and top-dollar payouts.

Additionally, selling your silver flatware online can be advantageous. The online marketplace is often more competitive, resulting in better prices for your items. Also, selling online opens up your potential buyer base to a global audience. Websites like offer a platform where you can sell your silver items safely and conveniently.

How Can You Get the Best Price for Your Sterling Silver Flatware?

Getting the best price for your sterling silver flatware involves understanding its value and finding a buyer willing to pay that price. Accurate Precious Metals, for instance, offers a fair price based on the current market value of silver. They take into account factors such as the silver purity, weight, and overall condition of the item to determine its price.

Negotiating is another way to ensure you get the best price. If you’ve done your research and know the value of your flatware, you can confidently negotiate with buyers. But remember, while you want to sell your silver for the highest price possible, it’s essential to be realistic and open to reasonable offers.

What Are the Benefits of Selling to Accurate Precious Metals?

Accurate Precious Metals stands out from other buyers for several reasons. Firstly, they offer competitive prices for antique sterling silver flatware, ensuring you get top dollar for your items. Their professional team provides accurate and honest appraisals, helping you understand the true value of your silver items.

Secondly, they offer a convenient mail-in service. This means that even if you’re not local to Salem, Oregon, you can still sell your sterling silver to Accurate Precious Metals. The process is straightforward, efficient, and designed with customer convenience in mind.

Moreover, unlike pawn shops, Accurate Precious Metals specializes in buying silver items. This specialization enables them to offer better prices and a more seamless selling experience. They understand the true value of sterling silver and are committed to providing you with a fair offer based on the current market value of silver.

Is It Easy to Sell Your Silver Flatware Online?

Yes, selling your sterling silver flatware online can be easy and profitable. Websites like provide a safe and secure platform where you can sell your silver items. The online process is often faster and more convenient than selling in person. Plus, selling online can expose your items to a wider audience, potentially resulting in better offers.

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What Other Silver Items Can Accurate Precious Metals Buy?

Beyond sterling silver flatware, Accurate Precious Metals buys a variety of silver items, including silverware, tea sets, trays, and silver jewelry. Their team understands the value of these items and offers competitive prices based on their silver content and condition. So, if you have any valuable silver items lying around, consider selling them to Accurate Precious Metals to unlock their cash value.

Key Takeaways to Remember:

  • The value of your items is determined by factors such as purity, weight, and the current market price.
  • You can sell your sterling silver flatware to Accurate Precious Metals, even if you’re not local to Salem, Oregon.
  • Accurate Precious Metals offers the best prices for sterling silver, providing a fair and transparent evaluation.
  • Selling your sterling silver online to Accurate Precious Metals is a convenient, efficient, and profitable option.



Q: What is antique silver?

A: Antique silver refers to silver items that are considered to be of historical or collector’s value due to their age and craftsmanship.

Q: How can I sell my antique silver flatware and silverware?

A: You can sell your antique silver flatware and silverware by finding a reputable buyer such as Accurate Precious Metals who specializes in purchasing such items.

Q: Where can I sell silver?

A: There are various options for selling silver, including antique stores, pawn shops, online platforms, and silver buyers.

Q: Can I sell a silver plate?

A: Yes, you can sell silver plate, but it is important to note that silver plate has a lower intrinsic value compared to sterling silver.

Q: How can I sell my silver flatware?

A: To sell your silver flatware, you can reach out to silver flatware buyers or dealers who specialize in buying and selling silverware.

Q: Can I sell sterling silver flatware?

A: Yes, you can sell sterling silver flatware. Sterling silver flatware is highly valued and sought after by collectors and silver buyers.

Q: I want to sell my silverware. What should I do?

A: To sell your silverware, you can start by researching the value of your silver and then find a reputable silver buyer or dealer who can offer a fair price for your items.

Q: How can I determine the value of my silver?

A: The value of your silver is influenced by factors such as its purity, weight, condition, rarity, and current market price. It is recommended to consult with a professional or appraiser to determine the value of your silver.

Q: What are some popular silver items to sell?

A: Popular silver items to sell include tea sets, trays, silverware, candlesticks, serving pieces, and silver antiques.

Q: How much is my silver tea set worth?

A: The value of a silver tea set depends on factors such as its age, condition, brand, design, and current market demand.

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