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Pawn Your Gold and Silver Bullion

A pawn shop is often the first destination for people who want to sell their gold and silver. History will even tell us that pawnbrokers have been one of the oldest professions. Well, since pawn shops are the best place for quick cash and pawn loans, they have become the number one destination for people who are badly in need of financial assistance.

Pawn shop plays an integral role on a lot of individuals, industries, and companies who want to have a cash loan for the businesses that they are going to start up or for payroll. For this reason, everybody should make sure that the pawn shop where they will pawn their gold and silver bullion can guarantee that the price for the jewelry, gold or silver based on the current market value. So, if you are looking for a top notch and reputable pawn shop in Oregon, then don’t look further than Accurate Precious Metals Coins, Jewelry, and Loans!

A lot of our customers worldwide consider us as their number one pawn shop. Whether you want to have your very first Gold Loan or Silver loan, we can provide you quick cash loans in time you most need it. Through our help, people need not sell their inventory anymore to get quick cash or a temporary loan. This will allow people not to take such a big loss by selling their items, properties, precious gems and metals based on the current market price, rather than selling their item they can use it as collateral so they can get the money they need without losing their piece!

By the means of temporary cash and pawn loans, you can retrieve all your bullion silver or gold whenever you already have the money to pay for the amount you have loaned from us. Thus, you need not worry about your credit check for borrowing money from us, it will not affect our customer’s credit.

We are committed in helping every individual, family and business to link the financial gap and meet their needs. Our services are anchored on the code of ethics, which makes us the best among all other pawnshops in Oregon. We serve our customers with integrity, honesty and professionalism. We abide the laws and regulations, so we guarantee you that you will never experience a problem on your loan duration, interest rate, record keeping and redemption period. We value our customers so much. That’s why we really do all the things that we can do just to help them.

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