Stack Of Cash, Get The Most Cash For You Gold!

Offering Pawn Loans for any occasion in Salem!

At Accurate Precious Metals Coins, Jewelry & Loans, we realize that hiccups occur even within the best financial strategies. Planning for these setbacks by putting aside the typical rainy-day fund is an ideal remedy. However, we’ve found an innovative method to offer our valued clients a way to get that extra cash without having to dip into their rainy-day funds. Whether its cash to pay the bills, indulge on a vacation, or perhaps reinvest in a business venture, we now offer our clients pawn loans that are secured by their own item of value. Many clients use their personal gold and silver coins, bullion, fine jewelry, diamonds and other items of value as a means of securing a loan for up to 90 days!

Here’s what makes our pawn business different than ordinary pawn shops: Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to openly display the exact value of your potentially pawned item. This eliminates the negative stigma associated with traditional pawn shops where price haggling occurs in a “take it or leave it” environment. Our clients gain added satisfaction through receiving the best value and the best price!

Because we operate a refinery based business where a middle-man is nonexistent, we’re able to loan more cash to our clients than a traditional pawn shop could ever offer. Most pawn shops aim at repossessing their customers’ pawned items, however we direct our pawn business towards granting the highest loan amount for each item and allowing our clients to reclaim items once a loan is paid off. We strive to help our customers secure their financial future rather than take possession of their loaned items. In our pawn business so far, we’ve experienced a phenomenal pay-off percentage of greater than 90%! Our clients know that we have their best interests at heart!

Additionally, unlike most businesses our client information is strictly kept on our personal, in house data-based systems. Nothing is ever placed on a cloud based system where it can be virtually accessed by anyone. All information that is gathered from our clients is kept secure and confidential.

We challenge you to look around and compare our prices to other local pawn shops. In the end, you will see that we can offer you the highest price for your items! We want to become a friend that you can rely on when you’re in need. At Accurate Precious Metals Coins, Jewelry & Loans we are firm believers in treating our clients with respect and dignity so that we can earn trust through transparency. We are committed to working extremely hard so that we can serve the needs of our clients.

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