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Fast Cash Business Loans in Salem Oregon

Fast Cash Business Loans in Salem Oregon

Pawn Shop – Provides Quick and Easy Business Loans

Do you ever dream of starting your own business, or do you have a great business idea that you want to pursue? Maybe the only issue that confronts you is finding the proper funds. Or possibly you already have a business and need to borrow money to cover payroll so that your employees can get paid on time. Many people think the only way to get a loan for a large amount of funds is through a bank. But, there is another way!

Borrowing money from a bank comes with risks. There is no guarantee that you will be approved for the money you need when you apply for a bank loan. If you are approved, there is no promise that you will receive the funds in a timely manner. A business loan from a bank generally takes anywhere between 30 to 90 days, sometimes longer, before you receive your funds. This could be a problem if you need funds immediately. What if you really need the money on that same day? What is the solution to this problem?

We at Accurate Precious Metals Coins, Jewelry, & Loans provide fast cash loans for any money value and we will fund you immediately. We take and accept various items as collateral in exchange for the money we loan you for 60 days. Heavy equipment, boats, cars, high priced watches, motorcycles, high ticket jewelry, Gold Bullion, Silver Bullion, Diamond Rings etc. are just a few categories we accept as collateral. Each of these loans are dependent upon your collateral, not your income and credit score.

By law, we are required to obtain a Pawn License to give out Pawn Loans; but we are nothing close to a typical corner pawn shop. When you walk into our facility for the first time you will see the difference immediately. We have a very high security facility and you can be assured that you personally will be protected as well as your items when held here. All your information and personal details are kept private. Our goal is to make sure that you are treated with dignity and respect. We have private rooms that allow us to keep transactions very confidential.

Accurate Precious Metals Coins, Jewelry, and Loans is a trusted pawn broker in Salem, Oregon. We provide fast cash loans to business owners. There is no amount too small or too big. We can provide you cash loans from a range of $10 to well over $100,000. We cannot stress how quickly and stress free our process is. You can have this amount in your hand with no hassle and no waiting period. Come visit us today or give us a call to get a fast cash loan for your business now!