Valcambi Suisse CombiBar 50 gram Gold Bar

Shining valcambi suisse combibar 50g gold bar - flexible investment choice

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Valcambi Suisse CombiBar 50 gram Gold Bar


Physical Weight: 50 grams
Fine Gold Weight: 50 grams
Metal Purity: 99.99% pure gold
Dimensions: 74.00 x 52.50 x 0.85 mm
Country of Origin: Switzerland

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Key Takeaways

  • The Valcambi Suisse CombiBar is a 50 gram gold bar known for its divisibility and investment potential.
  • Each CombiBar consists of 50 individual 1 gram gold bars that can be easily separated, providing flexibility and liquidity.
  • Made from 99.99% pure gold, the Valcambi Suisse CombiBar ensures value and authenticity.
  • This gold bar is highly sought after by both investors and collectors due to its high purity, reputable manufacturer, and convenient size.
  • The Valcambi Suisse CombiBar is proudly made in Switzerland, a country renowned for its precision manufacturing and excellence in gold bullion production.

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Valcambi suisse combibar 50 gram gold bar - secure your wealth with divisible gold


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the Valcambi Suisse CombiBar 50 gram Gold Bar. This remarkable gold bar is highly regarded for its unique features and investment potential. In this product description, we will delve into the fascinating details, historical significance, and benefits of owning the Valcambi Suisse CombiBar. Whether you are an experienced investor or an enthusiastic collector, this informative piece aims to educate and engage, providing you with valuable insights into this prestigious gold bar.

Five Fascinating Facts about the Valcambi Suisse CombiBar


1. Divisibility for Flexibility

The Valcambi Suisse CombiBar is famous for its divisibility, setting it apart from traditional gold bars. It consists of 50 individual 1 gram gold bars, each securely joined together. This unique design allows investors to separate the individual gram bars without compromising their purity or value. Whether you need to sell a portion of your gold holdings or trade smaller increments, the CombiBar offers unparalleled flexibility.

2. Exceptional Craftsmanship

Valcambi Suisse prides itself on its exceptional craftsmanship, and the Valcambi Suisse CombiBar is a testament to their commitment to quality. Each 1 gram bar features intricate detailing and proudly displays the Valcambi logo. The bars fit together seamlessly, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing composition. This attention to detail makes the CombiBar not just a valuable investment but also a stunning piece of art.

3. High Purity, Authentic Gold

Investors seeking the utmost purity and authenticity will find it in the Valcambi Suisse CombiBar. Crafted from 99.99% pure gold, each 1 gram bar guarantees the highest quality and precious metal content. The weight, purity, and unique serial number imprinted on each bar provide assurance and authenticity, assuring investors of their valuable asset.

4. Convenient Portability

With its compact size and lightweight nature, the Valcambi Suisse CombiBar offers convenient portability. Its dimensions of [INSERT DIMENSIONS] make it easily transportable and securely stored. Whether you prefer to store it in a personal safe or carry it with you, the CombiBar’s size ensures accessibility without compromising on its investment value.

5. Swiss Excellence in Gold Production

Switzerland has long been associated with excellence in precision manufacturing and gold production. The Valcambi Suisse CombiBar proudly carries the heritage of Swiss craftsmanship, renowned for its commitment to quality and precision. Owning a gold bar with Swiss origins not only provides the assurance of a reputable manufacturer but also adds a touch of prestige to your investment portfolio.

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50g valcambi suisse combibar - exquisite craftsmanship for discerning investors

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In conclusion, the Valcambi Suisse CombiBar 50 gram Gold Bar offers investors and collectors a unique and valuable opportunity. Its divisibility, high purity, exceptional craftsmanship, and convenient size make it an attractive choice for those seeking a tangible and reliable asset. With its Swiss origin and the reputation of Valcambi Suisse, this gold bar stands as a symbol of excellence in the world of gold bullion. Whether you are diversifying your portfolio or starting a precious metals collection, the Valcambi Suisse CombiBar is a wise investment choice.


Q: Can I separate the individual 1 gram bars without affecting their value?

A: Absolutely! The Valcambi Suisse CombiBar is designed to be easily separated into individual 1 gram bars without compromising their purity or value. This divisibility allows for flexible trading and selling options.

Q: Is the Valcambi Suisse CombiBar a suitable long-term investment?

A: Yes, indeed! With its high purity, reputable manufacturer, and divisibility, the CombiBar is an excellent choice for long-term investment. Its tangible nature and historical significance make it an asset that can provide stability and value over time.

Q: Where can I purchase the Valcambi Suisse CombiBar?

A: The Valcambi Suisse CombiBar is available through authorized dealers, or reputable bullion stores such as Accurate Precious Metals (AccuratePMR). When investing in precious metals, it is crucial to choose trusted sources like AccuratePMR, ensuring the authenticity and quality of your purchase.

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