Perth Mint Gold Lunar Series 1/2 oz Coin

Perth mint gold lunar series 1/2 oz coin - embrace the lunar spirit and preserve your wealth

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Perth Mint Gold Lunar Series 1/2 oz Coin

  • Physical Weight: 1/2 oz
  • Fine Gold Weight: 1/2 oz
  • Metal Purity: .9999 Fine Gold
  • Dimensions: 30.6 mm in diameter
  • Country of Origin: Australia

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Key Takeaways

  • The Perth Mint Gold Lunar Series 1/2 oz Coin is a premium investment-grade gold coin celebrated for its detailed designs and exceptional purity.
  • Produced by the esteemed Perth Mint, these coins have a .9999 fine gold purity, offering significant value to investors and collectors alike.
  • These coins depict the twelve animals of the Chinese lunar calendar, making each year’s issue a unique collectible item.
  • As a limited-edition series, the Gold Lunar Series carries a certain level of rarity, adding to its investment appeal.
  • Investing in gold coins such as those from the Lunar Series provides a safeguard against economic instability while offering an opportunity to own a piece of cultural artwork.

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Invest with prestige in perth mint gold lunar series 1/2 oz coin - lunar beauty and value


The Perth Mint Gold Lunar Series 1/2 oz Coin, with its remarkable craftsmanship and investment-grade purity, is a cherished piece for investors and numismatists. The Perth Mint, renowned for its tradition of minting excellence, produces these coins. Each year, these coins depict a different animal from the Chinese lunar calendar, embodying the cultural heritage that stretches back thousands of years. This coin is not only an investment-grade bullion piece but also a cultural artifact that brings a touch of the ancient world into the present.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor diversifying your assets with gold, or a collector attracted to the beautiful designs and cultural significance of each coin, the Perth Mint Gold Lunar Series offers an exceptional mix of both. It’s more than just a piece of gold; it’s a token of rich cultural heritage and artistry that you can appreciate and hold.

Five Interesting Facts about the Perth Mint Gold Lunar Series 1/2 oz Coin

Depicting the Chinese Lunar Calendar

The design of the Perth Mint Gold Lunar Series takes its inspiration from the Chinese lunar calendar. Each year features a different animal, giving each coin a unique design that corresponds to that year’s zodiac sign. This design concept brings a cultural richness to the coins, making them attractive to collectors.

Impressive Purity

The Gold Lunar Series boasts an impressive purity of .9999 fine gold. This high level of purity, backed by the reputation of the Perth Mint, enhances the appeal of these coins for investors and collectors alike.

Limited Minting

The Perth Mint produces the Gold Lunar Series in limited quantities, adding an element of rarity to these coins. This factor can potentially enhance the coins’ value over time, making them a sought-after choice for collectors.

First Introduced in 1996

The Perth Mint introduced the Gold Lunar Series in 1996, and it has since gained a reputation for its quality and artistry among the global community of investors and collectors.

Unique Packaging

Each Gold Lunar Series coin comes in a protective acrylic capsule, ensuring the coin remains in mint condition. This packaging not only protects the coin but also provides an attractive presentation, ideal for display.

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1/2 oz perth mint gold lunar series coin - symbol of prosperity and precious metal investment

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The Perth Mint Gold Lunar Series 1/2 oz Coin stands as a fusion of investment-grade purity, artistic brilliance, and cultural significance. With its .9999 fine gold content, distinctive designs, and the reputation of the Perth Mint, this coin makes a valuable addition to any collection or investment portfolio. Whether you’re an investor seeking to strengthen your holdings with precious metals, or a collector captivated by the designs and history behind each coin, the Gold Lunar Series is an asset that promises to add diversity and value.


Why should I invest in the Perth Mint Gold Lunar Series 1/2 oz Coin?

The Perth Mint Gold Lunar Series combines investment-grade gold with cultural and artistic value. As such, these coins offer a tangible asset that can help to diversify your investment portfolio while also offering a distinctive collector’s item.

Where can I buy the Perth Mint Gold Lunar Series 1/2 oz Coin?

The Perth Mint Gold Lunar Series can be purchased from reputable dealers like Accurate Precious Metals. Each coin is carefully assessed for authenticity and quality, providing assurance for your investment.

What factors can impact the value of the Perth Mint Gold Lunar Series 1/2 oz Coin?

The primary factor that influences the value of the Gold Lunar Series coin is the global market price of gold. Additionally, factors such as the condition of the coin, its rarity, and the demand among collectors can also impact its value.

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