Australian Gold Dolphin 1/4 oz Coin

"enchanting australian gold dolphin 1/4 oz coin - symbol of grace and precious meta

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Australian Gold Dolphin 1/4 oz Coin

  • Physical Weight: 1/4 oz
  • Fine Gold Weight: 1/4 oz
  • Metal Purity: .9999 Gold
  • Dimensions: 20.1 mm diameter
  • Country of Origin: Australia

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Key Takeaways

  • The Australian Gold Dolphin 1/4 oz Coin combines both investment-grade gold and exquisite design, showcasing Australia’s vibrant marine life.
  • This coin is a product of the internationally recognized Perth Mint, ensuring top-tier quality and authenticity.
  • Composed of .9999 fine gold, this coin presents a high-value asset for any investment portfolio.
  • Limited mintage of the coin makes it a potential treasure for collectors and investors alike.
  • Acquiring this coin is not just a solid investment move but also an opportunity to possess a miniature representation of Australia’s rich marine biodiversity.

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Australian gold dolphin 1/4 oz coin - preserve your wealth with captivating craftsmanship


Immerse yourself in the allure of the Australian seas with the Australian Gold Dolphin 1/4 oz Coin. This masterpiece showcases a striking depiction of a bottlenose dolphin, capturing the essence of Australia’s abundant marine life. Each coin is crafted from .9999 fine gold, ensuring its status as a solid investment-grade asset. Whether you’re an investor seeking high-purity gold or a numismatist drawn to unique and captivating designs, the Australian Gold Dolphin Coin presents an irresistible offering.

The Australian Gold Dolphin Coin is minted by the prestigious Perth Mint, a global leader in precious metal minting. This assurance of quality, combined with the coin’s enchanting design and fine gold content, make it a highly sought-after piece. Its limited mintage adds a layer of potential value over time, making it an appealing choice for collectors and investors who recognize the potential of such exclusivity.

Unraveling the Wonders of the Australian Gold Dolphin 1/4 oz Coin

A Design Inspired by Australia’s Marine Life

The Australian Gold Dolphin Coin showcases a captivating design featuring a bottlenose dolphin leaping against the waves. This design not only exhibits the elegance of these marine creatures but also highlights Australia’s rich marine biodiversity.

A Product of the Perth Mint

Minted by the Perth Mint, the Australian Gold Dolphin Coin is backed by one of the most trusted institutions in the precious metals industry. Known for its high-quality standards and creative designs, the Perth Mint offers a guarantee of authenticity, purity, and weight.

Highly Pure Gold Composition

Composed of .9999 fine gold, the Australian Gold Dolphin Coin represents one of the purest forms of gold available in the market today. This high purity increases its appeal to investors and enhances its intrinsic value.

Limited Mintage

With limited mintage, the Australian Gold Dolphin Coin’s scarcity could potentially increase its value over time. Collectors and investors often favor coins with limited mintage due to their potential for appreciation and uniqueness.

Symbol of Australia’s Rich Marine Biodiversity

The dolphin depicted on the coin is a fitting symbol of Australia’s diverse marine life. When you invest in the Australian Gold Dolphin Coin, you’re owning more than just a precious metal piece — you’re owning a token of Australia’s vibrant marine ecosystem.

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1/4 oz australian gold dolphin coin - craftsmanship for discerning collectors and admirers of ocean life

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The Australian Gold Dolphin 1/4 oz Coin offers a unique blend of tangible value and aesthetic appeal. Its .9999 gold purity and limited mintage enhance its value as an investment-grade asset. The dynamic design portraying a dolphin, a representative of Australia’s marine life, makes it a coin that brings joy and fascination to any collection or portfolio. Whether you’re a seasoned investor seeking solid assets or a coin enthusiast with an eye for unique designs, this coin presents an opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds.


What makes the Australian Gold Dolphin Coin a worthy investment?

The Australian Gold Dolphin Coin is made from .9999 fine gold, making it a high-value asset. Its design featuring a dolphin enhances its appeal, while the limited mintage increases its potential value over time.

How can I verify the authenticity of my Australian Gold Dolphin Coin?

The Australian Gold Dolphin Coins are guaranteed by the Perth Mint for their weight, purity, and quality. Buying from a reputable dealer like AccuratePMR ensures that you’re purchasing an authentic product.

Is the Australian Gold Dolphin Coin a good addition to a coin collection?

Definitely! With its unique design featuring a dolphin and the fact that it’s part of a limited mintage series, the Australian Gold Dolphin Coin holds significant numismatic appeal. It can be a valuable and interesting addition to any coin collection.

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