2 Ounce Australian Guardian Lion Silver Coin

American silver eagle one ounce coin, gleaming silver bullion minted in the united states, featuring the iconic walking liberty design.

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2 Ounce Australian Guardian Loin Silver Coin

Physical Weight: 2 troy ounces
Fine Silver Weight: 2 troy ounces
Metal Purity: 99.99% pure silver
Dimensions: 40.6mm diameter, 4mm thickness
Country of Origin: Australia

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A close-up image of a gleaming silver coin, showcasing its intricate details. This stunning silver bullion coin reflects the brilliance of fine craftsmanship and represents a valuable piece of monetary history.

About the 2 Ounce Australian Guardian Lion Silver Coin

The 2 Ounce Australian Guardian Lion Silver Coin is a captivating tribute to the majestic symbolism and cultural heritage of Australia. Each coin showcases a powerful representation of a guardian lion, a revered creature in Chinese culture known for its protective qualities. With its remarkable design, exquisite craftsmanship, and precious metal content, this coin holds both numismatic and aesthetic appeal for collectors and enthusiasts.


The 2 Ounce Australian Guardian Lion Silver Coin features a beautifully sculpted image of a guardian lion on the reverse side. This iconic creature, known as the “lion of the right” in Chinese mythology, is believed to bring protection and prosperity. The obverse side of the coin displays the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, emphasizing the coin’s connection to Australia’s history as a Commonwealth nation.

Five Fun Facts About the 2 Ounce Australian Guardian Lion Silver Coin

1. Symbol of Protection

The guardian lion depicted on the coin is a powerful symbol of protection and good fortune in Chinese culture. It is often found guarding entrances, temples, and other important structures, symbolizing its role as a protector against negative energies and spirits.

2. High Metal Purity

With a metal purity of .9999 fine silver, the 2 Ounce Australian Guardian Lion Silver Coin stands as a testament to the quality and purity of Australian minting. This high level of purity ensures that each coin contains only a minimal amount of impurities, making it a desirable choice for collectors and investors.

3. Limited Mintage

The 2 Ounce Australian Guardian Lion Silver Coin has a limited mintage, adding to its rarity and exclusivity. With a finite number of coins available, the limited supply increases the potential value and desirability of this remarkable collectible.

4. Intricate Design Details

The coin’s design showcases intricate details, capturing the majesty and strength of the guardian lion. From its fierce expression to the intricate patterns on its body, every element of the design is meticulously crafted, resulting in a visually stunning and highly collectible piece.

5. Legal Tender Status

Despite its numismatic appeal, the 2 Ounce Australian Guardian Lion Silver Coin holds legal tender status in Australia, with a face value backed by the Australian government. This dual nature of being both a collectible and a form of currency adds to its value and versatility.

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"Shiny one ounce American Silver Eagle coin, displaying the distinctive Walking Liberty design, a valuable addition to any precious metal collection.

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The 2 Ounce Australian Guardian Lion Silver Coin is a remarkable tribute to the cultural heritage and symbolism of Australia and Chinese mythology. With its beautiful design, high metal purity, and limited mintage, this coin represents a unique opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts to own a piece of artistic and numismatic excellence. Whether displayed in a collection or cherished as a precious keepsake, the Australian Guardian Lion Silver Coin is a testament to the enduring allure of fine silver coins.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What does the limited mintage mean for the Australian Guardian Lion Silver Coin?

A: Limited mintage indicates that only a specific number of coins are produced, adding rarity and exclusivity to each piece. The limited supply increases the coin’s potential for increased value over time, making it an attractive choice for collectors and investors.

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