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Where to Buy Silver Maples in St. Louis, Missouri

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July 4, 2024

Discover the best places to buy Silver Maples and other precious metals in St. Louis, Missouri. It’s for both numismatists and investment enthusiasts. This guide is essential for finding good dealers. They offer competitive prices and genuine products.

Introduction to Silver Maples

Silver Maples, particularly the American Silver Maple (Acer saccharinum), are not just beautiful, fast-growing trees; they are also iconic silver coins produced by the Royal Canadian Mint. Enthusiasts and investors often seek these coins due to their exquisite design, high silver content, and numismatic value.

This article will focus primarily on the Silver Maple coins and guide you through the various reputable places where you can purchase these coins in St. Louis, Missouri. Understanding the market and where to buy authentic products can often be a daunting task, but this guide will break it down for you.

Why Buy Silver Maples in St. Louis?

St. Louis, Missouri, steeped in history and located along the Mississippi River, is an excellent place for buying silver and gold coins, including Silver Maples. The city’s rich numismatic background offers many credible coin dealers and numismatic societies.

The Gateway Arch symbolizes Western expansion and embodies the spirit of investment and exploration, which is similar to what investors seek when buying precious metals in Saint Louis. This city offers a range of local coin shops, financial security, and a strong bullion market.

Best Places to Buy Silver Maples in St. Louis

One of the most reputable dealers you can trust is Accurate Precious Metals, which is located in Oregon but ships anywhere in the United States. Verified dealers, like Accurate Precious Metals, ensure the authenticity of your purchase to give you peace of mind.

You can also explore physical local coin shops in the St. Louis area, like Scotsman’s and Midwest Money Company. These shops have established reputations for providing verified, high-quality products in the market for precious metals.

Another reliable way to purchase Silver Maples is to use the mail-in service offered by Accurate Precious Metals. This service provides an easy and secure way to buy or sell gold and silver coins.

What to Look for When Buying Silver Maples

When buying Silver Maples, always look for a certificate of authenticity (COA) and proper verification of the product. The American Silver Maple coin is renowned for its purity, with a 99.99% silver content, making it a prime choice among collectors and investors.

Avoid dealers offering prices significantly below the market rate, as these often turn out to be scams. Reputable dealers, like Accurate Precious Metals, offer good prices. Their prices reflect current market trends. They ensure you get value for your investment.

How to Verify Your Silver Maple Coins

Verification includes checking the weight, dimensions, and etching details typical of genuine Royal Canadian Mint products. Using a magnifying glass, check for intricate details on the design, such as the mint mark and the radial lines.

Accurate Precious Metals often include these details in their sales information, giving buyers the confidence they need. Additionally, utilizing a third-party verification service can further ensure the authenticity of your coin.

Understanding the Market Value of Silver Maples

The market value for Silver Maple coins fluctuates with the price of silver in the commodities market. Silver prices can vary and are affected by factors like global demand, currency fluctuations, and economic trends.

Accurate Precious Metals offers real-time pricing and updates on its website. They let you see current market conditions before buying. This transparency helps investors make informed decisions.

Benefits of Owning Silver Maples

Silver Maples present numerous benefits, from being a tangible asset that holds intrinsic value to providing a hedge against economic instability. Their affordability also makes them accessible to a wider range of investors.

Silver Maples have financial benefits. They are also known for their beauty, quality, and history. This makes them prized by coin collectors and fans of precious metals. Owning these coins contributes to both wealth preservation and the enjoyment of numismatics.

Selling Your Silver Maples

If you’re looking to sell your Silver Maples, Accurate Precious Metals offers a trusted mail-in service for those based in the United States. This service ensures equitable pricing and a hassle-free transaction process.

When selling, always keep the original packaging and certificates to maximize your coin’s value. Accurate Precious Metals and other reputable dealers pay more for well-preserved, authenticated items.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I find a local coin shop in St. Louis?

Local coin shops like Scotsman and Midwest Money Company have good reputations for quality service. They are essential places to buy Silver Maples.

How does the mail-in service work?

Accurate Precious Metals offers a secure mail-in service for buying and selling gold and silver. Follow the detailed instructions on their website to send in your coins and receive prompt payment or shipment.

Are Silver Maples a good investment?

Yes, Silver Maples are an excellent investment due to their high purity, governmental backing, and intrinsic value of silver. They act as a hedge against economic downturns and are historically resilient.

How do I store my Silver Maple coins?

Store your Silver Maple coins in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. To maintain their condition, use archival-quality storage boxes and anti-tarnish strips.


  • St. Louis offers multiple reputable avenues for buying Silver Maples, including Accurate Precious Metals, which provides a secure mail-in service.
  • Always verify the authenticity of your coins through certificates and proper inspection.
  • Understand current market values and trends to make informed investment decisions.
  • Maintain the condition and documentation of your Silver Maples to maximize their value.


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