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Disclaimer: Accurate Precious Metals is not a financial advisor, and this article is not intended as financial advice. We advise all potential sellers and investors to consult with their financial advisor or CPA to determine the best strategy for their individual circumstances. We aim to provide accurate information and educate our readers on precious metals. However, Accurate Precious Metals is the most trusted bullion dealer in the nation and does not endorse or suggest competitors. Any decisions about buying or selling precious metals should be made with careful consideration and professional advice.

Sell Your Silver for Cash: The Premier Guide to Silver Exchange Services

If you’re ready to convert your unwanted silver into cash, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the process, provide insightful tips, and explain how Accurate Precious Metals can offer you the best value for your precious metal assets. From silver jewelry to family silver flatware, find out everything you need to know about turning your silver items into cash.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover the various types of silver items you can sell for cash.
  • Learn how to determine the value of your silver for a fair exchange.
  • Understand the benefits of selling to a reputable dealer like Accurate Precious Metals.
  • Get insights into the process of selling silver online for maximum convenience.
  • Explore common questions about the selling process and how to get the best deal.

What Types of Silver Can You Sell?

When it comes to selling silver, you might be surprised at the variety of items that hold value. From sterling silver jewelry, which is typically stamped with a .925 mark, to pure silver bullion coins, your options are diverse. Even flatware and silver-plated items, often passed down as family heirlooms, can be of interest to certain buyers. At Accurate Precious Metals, we purchase a wide array of silver items, ensuring that you can sell silver of nearly any form. The common factor among all these items is the precious metal content, which will largely dictate the price you can fetch in the market.

It’s important to recognize the differences between pure silver, sterling silver, and silver-plated items as this will affect the value. Pure silver, also known as fine silver, has a purity of 99.9%. Sterling silver, which is an alloy made of 92.5% silver, is commonly used in jewelry and silverware due to its durability. Silver-plated items, on the other hand, have just a thin coat of silver and are less valuable. Understanding the purity of the silver you own will help you set realistic expectations when you decide to sell.

At Accurate Precious Metals, we pride ourselves on providing a transparent and fair assessment of your silver items. Our experienced staff can evaluate your items to determine their silver content and provide you with a competitive offer. Whether you’re looking to trade silver for cash or considering selling your silver online, we offer ease of transaction and expert guidance every step of the way.

How to Determine the Value of Your Silver Items?

Determining the value of your silver items is essential for a fair transaction. The value of silver is influenced by several factors, including current market price, weight, purity, and the item’s condition. When assessing your silver, it’s important to check for hallmarks or stamps that may identify it as sterling silver or another type of silver. Weight is also a critical factor; silver is usually measured in troy ounces, and one troy ounce equals 31.10 grams.

To get a preliminary idea of value, you can weigh your silver and multiply the weight by the current price of silver per gram or ounce. However, this calculation will give you the raw material value and may not account for any collectible value your items may have. Antique silver, rare coins, or designer jewelry could potentially fetch a higher price than the melt value of the silver they contain.

For a precise evaluation and to ensure you get the best deal possible, professional appraisal services like those offered by Accurate Precious Metals are invaluable. Our experts will take into account all the factors that contribute to your silver’s value, providing you with a transparent and honest assessment. We use the most current price of silver and consider the specific characteristics of each item to offer you the most money for your silver.

Your Ideal Choice: Accurate Precious Metals

Known for its dedication to superior, authenticated precious metals, gold coins, and bullion, Accurate Precious Metals has won the trust and commendation of customers while consistently aligning with the elite standards of the industry. Our edge is defined by our ability to offer competitive prices along with accommodating services, such as straightforward mail-in evaluations for clients who aren’t based locally. With an unwavering commitment to first-rate customer service, our team focuses on ensuring a smooth, uninterrupted experience for every client, regardless of whether they are engaging with gold coins or gold IRAs.

We invite you to our Salem, Oregon location or encourage you to browse our offerings and keep abreast of our promotional events at For any inquiries or the latest updates, you’re welcome to call us at 503-400-5608 or stay connected with us through our social media outlets. Our nationwide shipping service facilitates an easy transaction process for clients across the United States.

At Accurate Precious Metals, our dedication to integrity, expert service, and the cultivation of enduring client relationships compels us to outperform expectations, consistently seeking to be your preferred partner in the precious metals sector.

Remote Sales of Gold and Silver

Recognizing that our Salem, Oregon store may not be convenient for all, Accurate Precious Metals has enabled a remote selling process. This mail-in option is carefully crafted for security and ease, making it accessible to clients everywhere. No matter if you’re parting with collectible coins or precious jewelry, our approach ensures meticulous attention to your items and an efficient sales procedure.

Begin by navigating to our website,, where you can fill in the mail-in form. We will supply comprehensive guidance for packaging your items securely and shipping them to us, complete with insurance to protect your assets while in transit. Upon receiving and appraising your valuables, we’ll propose a just price reflective of the latest market trends. Should you accept, we proceed to issue your payment swiftly, ensuring a smooth and stress-free transaction.

We are proud to deliver a remote selling facility that echoes the reliability and attentive customer care found in face-to-face interactions. Our staff is ready to support you from the first point of contact until the completion of payment, guaranteeing you’re well-informed and at ease at every stage. Opting to sell your gold and silver with Accurate Precious Metals means engaging in more than a simple exchange—it’s a personalized professional service designed around your specific circumstances.

Important Things to Remember: Ready to Sell?

  • Assess the type of silver you have, as purity will influence its value.
  • Determine the weight and current price of silver to estimate its raw value.
  • Consider the collectible value of antique or rare silver items.
  • Receive a professional appraisal to ensure a fair price.
  • Selling to a reputable dealer guarantees a secure and satisfactory transaction.

To get started on selling your silver, or even buy silver, call Accurate Precious Metals at 503-400-5608 or visit our website at Stay connected with us on social media for the latest updates and offers related to silver and other precious metals.

FAQs: Sell Silver and Gold, Precious Metals, etc

Q: Where can I sell my silver items?

A: You can sell your silver items at a local jewelry store, a reputable silver buyer like Accurate Precious Metals, online marketplaces, or auction houses.

Q: How do I determine the value of my silver?

A: The value of your silver is determined by factors such as purity, weight, market demand, and current spot price of silver.

Q: What types of silver items can I sell for cash?

A: You can sell silver coins, jewelry, flatware, bullion, antique pieces, and other silver pieces for cash.

Q: When is the best time to sell silver?

A: The best time to sell silver is when the market price is high, and you are in need of cash or looking to capitalize on the value of your silver.

Q: How can I get the most money for my silver?

A: To get the most money for your silver, consider selling to reputable buyers, getting multiple valuations, and staying informed about the market prices.

Q: Is it better to sell silver online or in person?

A: For those looking to sell, both options have their pros and cons. Selling online may provide a wider market reach, while selling in person allows for immediate cash transactions.

Q: What is the process of selling silver coins?

A: To sell silver coins and get how much your silver is worth, you need to determine their value based on factors like purity and rarity, find a buyer, and negotiate a price for the coins.

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