Sell Silver and Gold – Get Cash for Your Precious Metal

Oct 30, 2023 | Coins & Bullion, Silver Bullion, silver buyer near me, Silver Coins

Exchange Your Silver for Cash: Top-Rated Silver Buyers Waiting for Your Precious Metals

Looking for a reputable dealer to sell your silver for top dollar? This article provides insider tips and tricks to ensure you get the best price for your precious metal items. From understanding the market price to choosing the right platform, here’s everything you need to get started.

Key takeaway bullet points:

  • We offer competitive prices, often better than pawn shops.
  • We don’t just buy silver, we also buy gold, platinum, and palladium.
  • We provide free appraisals and instant quotes, ensuring you get the best deal.
  • Selling to us is hassle-free and the process can be handled quickly and efficiently.
  • We provide mail-in services for customers not local to Salem, Oregon.

Why is Accurate Precious Metals the Best Place to Sell Your Silver?

When it comes to selling your precious metals, including gold and silver coins, or any silver item, it’s crucial to choose a reputable dealer. Accurate Precious Metals is not a pawnshop but a dedicated precious metals dealer offering you top dollar for your items. We use state-of-the-art assaying technology to test and validate the purity of your items. We offer you instant quotes, so you can sell your silver for cash quickly and efficiently.

How Does the Process Work?

With our hassle-free process, selling your precious metals to us is quick and easy. Once we receive your items, we appraise them using our assaying technology to determine the metal content. We’ll provide you with a price quote based on the current market of precious metals. If you’re not local to Salem, Oregon, you can mail in your items securely wrapped and we will appraise your items and offer your the best cash value based on spot price. If you accept our offer we will send your funds via check, if you choose not to accept our offer we will ship your items back to you. Visit us at and learn more about our mail in services.

What Types of Silver Do We Buy?

We purchase all types of silver, including butt not limited to silver coins like the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf and American Silver Liberty, silver bars, silver jewelry, sterling silver flatware, and silver bullions. The key consideration when selling silver items is the silver content, which can vary based on the item’s distinguishing characteristics.

How Do We Calculate the Value of Your Silver?

Our experts calculate the value of your silver based on the current silver market and spot price of silver. The price quote is also influenced by the silver’s purity, which we determine during the appraisal process. For instance, 99.9% pure silver items like bullion bars typically fetch a higher price than sterling silver items, which are often mixed with other metals.

Why is Selling Silver a Good Idea?

Silver, like gold, is a precious metal that can be found in various forms and has a value that fluctuates with the market. Selling your silver can be a great way to convert your unused or unwanted silver items into cash. Send us your gold, silver, diamonds or other jewelry from anywhere. We are local to Salem Oregon, but we cater to customers nationwide. Visit our online store at to learn more.

What Sets Us Apart From Pawn Shops?

Unlike pawn shops, we specialize in precious metals. We don’t provide loans against your items. Instead, we buy them outright, offering a straightforward and hassle-free process. Our buy-back prices often surpass those offered by pawn shops, making us the ideal platform if you want to sell for top dollar.

How Can You Get an Instant Quote?

At Accurate Precious Metals, we offer instant quotes for your precious metals. Simply provide us with information about your items, and we’ll give you a quote based on the precious metal market rates and other determining factors. If you are local to the area, drop in located in Salem, Oregon, if you are not give us a call at 503-400-5608 and a member of our team will assist you based on the details you provide.

Why Should You Consider Selling Your Precious Metals Now?

With the current precious metal market trends, now is a prime time to sell your silver for top dollar. Our experts monitor the market continuously to offer you a fair and competitive price for your precious metals.

What Are the Payment Options?

We offer various payment options for your convenience, including wire transfer and checks. We ensure every transaction adheres to our strict privacy policy, ensuring your information stays secure.

Key Points to Remember:

  • Choose a reputable dealer like Accurate Precious Metals to sell your silver for cash.
  • We buy a range of silver items, including coins, bars, jewelry, and flatware.
  • Our appraisal process is thorough, using industry technology to determine the purity and value of your items.
  • We offer instant quotes and competitive prices, often better than pawn shops.
  • We provide safe mail-in services for customers not local to Salem, Oregon.
  • Our payment methods are secure, and we respect your privacy throughout the transaction.

Sell Gold and Silver – FAQs

1. What types of silver items can I sell to a top-rated silver buyer?

You can sell various silver items such as silver coins, silver bars, silver jewelry, silver flatware, and other silver pieces.

2. Can I also sell gold and other precious metals to these top-rated silver buyers?

Yes, many top-rated silver buyers also purchase gold, platinum, and other precious metals including gold coins and palladium.

3. How do I get cash for my precious silver items?

To get cash for your precious silver items, you can contact a top-rated silver buyer and arrange a meeting or visit their store. They will evaluate your silver items and offer you a price based on their spot price and the silver content of your items.

At Accurate PMR we do not require appointments, walk in’s welcome anytime! Our team will appraise you items for free and offer you the best cash value for your precious metals. Visit our shop located in Salem, Oregon. If you are not local to the area, we offer mail in services for selling gold and silver metals. Visit us at and learn more today about our mail in services.

4. What is the process of selling silver to a top-rated silver buyer?

The process typically involves contacting the silver buyer, providing details about the silver items you want to sell, arranging a meeting or visit, having your items evaluated, and receiving a cash offer from the buyer.

5. How can I find the best price for my silver items?

To find the best price for your silver items, it is recommended to shop around and compare offers from different top-rated silver buyers. This way, you can ensure you get the most favorable price for your precious metals. Accurate PMR offers the highest cash offers for precious metals, so do not forget to put Accurate PMR at the top of your list!

6. Do top-rated silver buyers buy silver items with other precious metals?

Yes, many top-rated silver buyers also purchase silver items that contain other precious metals such as gold or platinum.

7. What factors determine the value of my silver items?

The value of your silver items depends on various factors including the current spot price of silver, the silver content of your items, their condition, and any additional value they may have due

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