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Looking for beautiful and unique types of gemstones? There are several show stopping gems that offer uniqueness and raw beauty to the beholder. Whether your color preference be a green gemstone,red gemstone,yellow gemstone, or of other variety, you can find a stone that combines several colors for a rare and beautiful piece of jewelry.

Alexandrite is a gorgeous color changing stone that isn’t particularly well known, but should be. This glimmering gem ranges in color depending on lighting. By daylight, this gem can be a deep teal or dark yellow-green. By night, lit by candle light the gem appears to be anywhere from pink to red. This is a very rare and highly valued stone due to its unique properties.

Spessartite is an eye-catching, fiery sunburnt orange stone. Its color is caused by iron impurities. This gem was only discovered about fifty five years ago in the Umba River Valley of Tanzania and Kenya. It is a mainstream gem, making it fairly easy to find on the market.

Tsavorite is a stunning emerald green variety of grossular garnet that originates from Africa. It was found in Tsavo national park and wildlife preserve in 1970. On occasion, this gem can be absolutely  flawless. It is extreme rarity.

Benitoite is another rare and gorgeous gem. It has only ever been found in one location in California. Due to short supply, this deep sapphire gem can be very expensive. It is absolutely one of a kind.  

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