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Dallas, TX: Buy Gold, Silver & Diamonds – Gold and Silver in Dallas

Oct 27, 2023 | Coins & Bullion, Gold Bullion, gold buyer near me, Gold Coins, Selling Gold, Silver Bullion, silver buyer near me, Silver Coins

Top Silver Buyers Serving Dallas, TX – Getting the Best Deals for Your Gold and Silver

Discover the finest silver buyers in Dallas, TX, and learn how to get the best value for your precious metals. In a city as big and diverse as Dallas, finding trustworthy silver buyers might seem daunting, but we’re here to guide you. This article is a valuable resource for anyone looking to buy or sell gold and silver in Dallas.

Key Takeaways:

  • An overview of top silver dealers serving Dallas, TX
  • Commonly asked questions about selling silver
  • Tips on getting the best deals for your precious metals
  • Difference between pawnshops and silver dealers
  • Benefits of dealing with Accurate Precious Metals (APMR)

Who are the top silver buyers serving Dallas, TX?

Dallas is home to a myriad of businesses dealing in gold and silver. From local coin stores to online platforms, options abound for those looking to buy gold or sell silver. However, when it comes to top-tier service and competitive pricing, “Accurate Precious Metals” or “APMR” is a clear standout. Although we are physically in Salem, Oregon, we offer mail-in services to Dallas residents, including mail-in your gold, silver, diamonds or jewelry for those who are looking to sell.

APMR is a renowned dealer of silver and other precious metals. Despite the geographical distance, our seamless mail-in process ensures that Dallas residents get the same exemplary service as local clients. Our transparency, professionalism, and top-dollar payouts make us stand out from the crowd.

How does the process of selling silver in Dallas work?

The process of selling silver in Dallas can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be, depending largely on who you choose as your dealer. At Accurate Precious Metals, we’ve simplified the process to make it convenient even for clients outside of Salem, Oregon. Whether you have gold bars, silver coins, or diamond jewelry, our mail-in process allows you to safely send your items to us. Visit our website at for more details, or call our experts today at 503-400-5608 to get more information.

In Dallas, TX, the process starts with you securely mailing us your items. Upon receipt, our expert appraisers assess the items and make you an offer based on the spot price. If you accept, you receive your payout securely and swiftly. If not, your items are returned to you promptly, hassle-free.

Does Dallas have any precious metal sales tax?

In the state of Texas, sales tax laws are quite friendly to those dealing in precious metals. There’s a specific exemption for gold, silver, and numismatic coins, as well as precious metal bullion. Therefore, dealing with precious metals in Dallas can be fiscally beneficial. However, please be sure to research laws and regulations yourself to leave no room for error in your investments.

At APMR, we ensure to continuously update ourselves with these laws to provide our customers with the necessary information they need. We believe in making every transaction transparent, leaving no room for confusion nor hidden charges.

What is the difference between a pawnshop and a dealer like APMR?

While pawnshops and precious metal dealers might seem similar, they operate on different business models. Pawnshops offer loans using your precious metals as collateral. They appraise the item below market value to protect their interests in case you default on the loan. On the other hand, dealers like APMR purchase your items directly at a competitive rate based on the current spot price.

APMR is not a pawnshop. We buy your precious metals upfront, offering competitive prices based on market trends, not just the intrinsic value of the items. This can often result in better offers for your precious metals, from gold coins to silver flatware and even diamond jewelry.

What type of precious metals does APMR deal with?

At APMR, we deal with a diverse portfolio of precious metals. While we specialize in gold and silver, we also buy platinum and diamond jewelry. Our dealings extend to bullion bars, rare coins (including foreign coins), and other numismatic items, giving you a one-stop solution for all your precious metal needs.

Whether you have an American Gold Eagle coin, sterling silver flatware, or a diamond-encrusted Rolex, we have the expertise to evaluate and buy your item. With APMR, you can diversify your investments by buying and selling a variety of precious metals and collectibles.

Choosing Accurate Precious Metals

At Accurate Precious Metals, our core values are centered around trustworthiness and honesty. We have an extensive assortment of gold items, including bullion and coins, along with a variety of other valuable metals. Our superb reputation is backed by countless positive customer experiences, ensuring that our products are of the highest quality and certified by esteemed industry entities.

Not only do we present competitive pricing structures, but we also offer convenient services for non-local customers who wish to mail their gold, silver, diamonds, or jewelry for assessment and potential sale. Regardless if you’re trading in gold coins or investing in gold IRAs, we remain dedicated to providing our clientele with exceptional service and memorable experiences. You’re welcome to visit us at our Salem, Oregon location, or online at Furthermore, our experts are reachable at 503-400-5608 for any inquiries.

Selling your precious metals is a breeze, even for those not local to our Salem, Oregon establishment. Customers have the option to either mail in their gold, silver, or other valuable metals or conveniently use our online platform to facilitate a secure transaction. Our shipping services are available nationwide.

Accurate Precious Metals takes pride in delivering superior client service while maintaining the highest level of integrity in all business operations. We’re committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations by offering expert knowledge, transparent communication, ethical conduct, robust security measures, a customer-centric mindset, and a strong focus on fostering long-term relationships. Our goal is to be a trusted partner in the precious metals industry.


When dealing in precious metals in Dallas, TX, look no further than APMR. With top-dollar payouts, friendly sales tax laws, and a diverse range of precious metals handled, APMR offers you the best value for your items. We provide secure mail-in services to Dallas residents to make the process as convenient as possible. Here are the key points to remember:

  • APMR is a top silver buyer serving Dallas, TX offering mail-in services
  • We offer competitive prices based on spot price, not just inherent value
  • Texas has friendly sales tax laws for precious metals
  • APMR is not a pawnshop but offers better prices for your precious metals
  • We deal with a variety of precious metals, including gold, silver, diamonds, and platinum

FAQs: Buy Gold and Silver in Dallas

Q: Where can I buy gold and silver in Dallas, TX?

A: There are several dealers in Dallas where you can buy gold and silver. The most popular option is Accurate Precious Metals.

Q: Can I sell gold and silver in Dallas?

A: Yes, you can sell gold and silver in Dallas. The dealers mentioned earlier also offer buying services for gold and silver.

Q: How does the buying and selling process work?

A: The buying and selling process typically involves visiting a dealer, either in-person or online, getting your items appraised, and receiving an offer based on the current spot price of gold and silver. If you accept the offer, you will be paid for your gold and silver.

Q: Are rare coins available for purchase in Dallas?

A: Yes, you can find rare coins for purchase in Dallas. Accurate Precious Metals has rare coins and offer a wide selection for collectors.

Q: Where can I buy silver bars in Dallas?

A: You can buy silver bars at Accurate Precious Metals, your top-choice!

Q: Can I buy and sell diamonds in Dallas?

A: Yes, you can find diamond services at Accurate Precious Metals.

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