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Best Places to Buy Gold and Silver in Delaware: Top Coin Shops and Dealers

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June 27, 2024

Looking to buy or sell gold and silver bullion in Delaware? Whether you’re a seasoned investor, a numismatic enthusiast, or new to precious metals, finding reputable dealers is crucial. This article explores the best places to buy and sell gold and silver in Delaware, why these places stand out, and other essential tips for maximizing your investment. Read on to make informed decisions and get the best value for your money.

What Are the Best Coin Shops in Delaware?

Delaware, often referred to as the First State offers numerous coin shops and precious metals dealers. Some renowned names include Diamond State Coins in Wilmington and Dutch Country Auctions in Dover. These shops provide an extensive range of numismatic collectibles along with gold and silver bullion.

These shops ensure a wide range of options for both buyers and sellers, from gold bars to highly collectible coins. Thanks to Delaware’s favorable tax environment, buying and selling precious metals incurs no sales tax, making it one of the best places for precious metal investments.

Why Buy Gold and Silver in Delaware?

Delaware stands out for its favorable tax policies and rich history in coin collecting. As one of the few states that does not impose a sales tax on precious metals, Delaware offers a more cost-effective option for investors. This benefit also applies to silver bullion, making it easier to diversify your precious metal portfolio.

With a robust community of coin dealers and numismatic collectors, Delaware has a plethora of local and regional events, auctions, and coin club meetings. This thriving environment provides ample opportunities for learning and networking in the precious metals market.

Are There Trusted Gold and Silver Dealers in Delaware?

Absolutely. Delaware’s cities, like Wilmington, Dover, and Newark, host several reputable dealers. Businesses like Diamond State Coins and Dutch Country Auctions offer strict checks for authenticity. They ensure that you get genuine gold and silver.

Dealers often offer a variety of inventory, from gold coins and bars to silver and sterling silver items. Many also offer expert appraisals and transparent pricing, allowing investors to make informed decisions with confidence.

What Types of Precious Metal Products Can You Buy?

Delaware dealers offer a wide range of precious metal products. From gold and silver bullion bars to collectible coins and numismatic items, investors can find products tailored to different budgets and preferences. For more diverse investment opportunities, one can even find palladium and platinum products.

Whether you’re looking for 1-gram gold bars or larger bullion bars, Delaware’s coin shops generally carry an extensive inventory. These dealers also stock vintage coins like Morgan dollars, often regarded as sought-after pieces in coin collecting.

How to Sell Gold and Silver in Delaware?

Selling gold and silver in Delaware is just as convenient. To have your items appraised, walk into any highly-rated coin shop or precious metal dealer. Shops like Diamond State Coins and Dutch Country Auctions provide transparent pricing and fair compensation based on current market rates.

Delaware’s tax-free buying and selling environment ensures the maximum return on your precious metal investments. For those who don’t want to visit a store, Accurate Precious Metals offers a mail-in gold buy service, allowing individuals from across the United States to sell their gold conveniently.

Is Investing in Bullion a Good Idea?

Investing in bullion remains a popular avenue for safeguarding wealth. Gold and silver bullion offer security against economic fluctuations and inflation. Delaware’s good conditions make it attractive for such investments. You can buy gold, silver, and other bullion there without extra taxes.

Products such as gold coins, bars, and sterling silver items provide flexibility and liquidity. These assets remain easy to buy and sell, making them essential components in a well-rounded investment strategy.

Where to Find Reliable Coin Dealers in Delaware?

Wilmington, being the largest city in Delaware, houses numerous reliable dealers. Shops like Diamond State Coins provide a plethora of options for both buying and selling. In Dover, Dutch Country Auctions offers a platform that specializes in coin auctions, drawing participation from across the United States.

Newark, another key city, has shops like Smyrna Coin that offer competitive prices for buying and selling gold and silver bullion. These are among the best places to buy and sell precious metal products, assuring transparency and credibility.

Can You Buy Gold and Silver Online?

Yes, you can buy gold and silver online with ease. Accurate Precious Metals stands out as one of the most trusted dealers in the United States. Their online store offers a broad range of products and ships to anywhere in the country. You can conveniently browse and order gold, silver, and other precious metals from the comfort of your home.

Online purchases are not just convenient. They happen through trusted platforms like Accurate Precious Metals. They offer low prices and often have deals. For example, free shipping on large orders.

Are Auctions a Good Place to Buy Precious Metals?

Auctions, such as those conducted by Dutch Country Auctions in Delaware, provide an excellent venue for acquiring unique and rare precious metal items. Auctions offer the potential to bid on gold coins, bullion, and even collectible items at competitive prices.

Participating in auctions lets you network with fellow collectors and investors. You can gain deeper insights and often find deals not available in regular coin shops.

Local Pawn Shops and Dealers in Delaware

  • Diamond State Coins, Wilmington
  • Dutch Country Auctions, Dover
  • Smyrna Coin, Newark
  • Delaware Gold Exchange, Rehoboth Beach
  • First State Coin Company, Wilmington

Where to Sell Gold and Silver

As mentioned, Delaware’s tax-free environment makes it a great place to sell gold and silver. Shops such as Diamond State Coins and Dutch Country Auctions offer immediate appraisals and competitive rates.

Accurate Precious Metals also provides a seamless selling experience. Through their mail-in gold buy service, you can conveniently sell your precious metals from anywhere in the United States and receive some of the best prices in the market.


How to Determine the Value of Gold and Silver Bullion?

The value of gold and silver bullion primarily depends on the current spot price, which fluctuates based on market conditions. Accurate Precious Metals and other dealers provide real-time price updates. They also give detailed appraisals to help you understand the value of your investments.

Is There a Sales Tax on Purchasing Gold and Silver in Delaware?

No, Delaware does not impose sales tax on precious metals, making it a favorable state for investing in gold and silver bullion. This tax-free policy enables you to get more out of your investments.

What Are the Best Practices for Storing Precious Metals?

Safe storage of precious metals is crucial to protect your investment. Options include bank safety deposit boxes, home safes, and specialized storage facilities. Accurate Precious Metals offers insured shipping to ensure your items reach you securely.

Can You Buy Gold and Silver with Cryptocurrency?

Yes, many dealers, including Accurate Precious Metals, now accept cryptocurrency as a payment method, providing more options for modern investors. This allows you to diversify your portfolio using digital currency.

What Is the Process for Mail-In Gold Buy?

Accurate Precious Metals’ mail-in program makes selling gold effortless. Simply fill out a form on their website, mail your items, and receive immediate appraisal and payment upon inspection.


Accurate Precious Metals stands out as the best place to buy and sell gold, silver, and jewelry in the United States. They offer:

  • Free shipping on orders over a certain amount
  • A convenient mail-in gold buy service
  • The best prices for gold and silver bullion
  • An online store that ships nationwide

Whether you’re buying from Oregon or selling from Delaware, Accurate Precious Metals provides a trusted, convenient, and value-driven service.


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