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Accurate Precious Metals: Top 10 Best Jewelry Appraising Services

Accurate Precious Metals

November 16, 2023

Get Matched with Top Antique Appraisers: Your Guide to the Top 10 Best Jewelry Appraising

Let’s embark on an exciting journey of jewelry appraisal. This post will provide you with the best tips and insights to ensure you get outstanding value for your precious metals. Get matched with top antique appraisers and learn how to navigate the complex world of gold, silver, and precious metal trading. This article is worth reading because it will help you make informed decisions, maximize your profits, and avoid common pitfalls.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding the difference between pawnshops and precious metal dealers
  • The importance of accurate jewelry appraisal
  • Valuable tips for selling gold and other precious metals

Understanding the Business: Pawnshops vs. Dealers

Let’s first clarify one critical point: Accurate Precious Metals is not a Pawnshop. But what is the difference between a Pawnshop and a dealer like us? A pawn shop offers you a loan using your gold or silver as collateral. In contrast, Accurate Precious Metals specializes in buying and selling precious metals like gold, silver, and bullion. We assess the current market value of your items and offer a fair price upfront, outmatching most pawn shops.

Furthermore, pawn shops might not have the necessary expertise in numismatic values (the study or collection of coins, paper currency, and medals). In contrast, Accurate Precious Metals provides a wealth of knowledge in this area, ensuring that you get the best price for your gold and silver coins.

Why Accurate Precious Metals?

We offer services both locally in Salem, Oregon, and nationwide, with options to mail in your gold, silver, diamonds, or jewelry. As an accredited business, we take pride in providing personal, professional service, prioritizing our customers’ satisfaction and answering all your questions with transparency and clarity.

We are not just an impersonal gold buyer; we are a precious metals expert who appreciates your business and understands the sentimental and economic value of your items. Whether it’s estate jewelry, dental gold, your mother’s jewelry, or even your father’s gold, we handle your precious pieces with sensitivity and confidentiality.

What Can You Sell or Broker with Accurate Precious Metals?

Accurate Precious Metals is not just about gold. We are a full-service precious metal dealer specializing in gold, silver, and bullion. We buy gold jewelry, silver jewelry, gold and silver coins, and even gold and silver bullion items. Our process is backed by physical inspections and accurate appraisals, ensuring you receive a fair price for your valuables.

We also buy platinum and diamonds, dental gold, coins and bars, and even scrap unwanted gold. If you’re not local to our location, it’s straightforward to mail in your items for appraisal and sale. And yes, we also sell a variety of precious metals and coins, providing an excellent avenue for gold investors and collectors.

How to Get Matched with Top Antique Appraisers?

With Accurate Precious Metals, we can help you get matched with top antique appraisers. While we primarily deal with gold, silver, precious metals, bullion, and coins, we understand that often, people inherit or come across antique pieces they know little about. Our affiliation with highly rated accredited businesses and knowledge will enable you to get matched with top antique appraisers and get your jewelry appraised accurately.

Remember, picking the right pro jewelry appraisers is vital. Our well-established relationships in the industry, combined with our commitment to our customers, make us an excellent choice for all your jewelry appraising needs.

Understanding the Value of Precious Metals

Precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum hold intrinsic value that outpaces the rate of inflation, making them an excellent store of value. The price of gold and other precious metals fluctuates based on various factors, including supply and demand, market speculation, and economic conditions.

At Accurate Precious Metals, we strive to provide our customers with up-to-date market insights and accurate pricing for their precious metals. With our expertise and transparent pricing model, you can be confident that you’re getting the best value for your precious metal investments.

Accurate Precious Metals

At Accurate Precious Metals, we place high value on trustworthiness and integrity. We present a diverse array of gold offerings, encompassing gold bullion, gold coins, and other types of precious metals. Bolstered by numerous commendations from satisfied customers, we assure top-quality, certified products that align with the criteria established by respected authorities in the field.

Beyond offering competitive rates, we extend the convenience to our clientele to send in their gold, silver, diamonds, or jewelry by mail for assessment and potential sale if they are not local to us. Whether you’re transacting in gold coins or venturing into gold IRAs, we are devoted to delivering superior service and an exceptional customer experience.

Come see us in person in Salem, Oregon or visit us online at Alternatively, feel free to give us a call at 503-400-5608.

Stay abreast of our latest weekly deals and sales by checking our social media platforms (Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Pinterest). Consult with our specialists today.


Trading with precious metals, whether selling or buying, requires knowledge and an honest partner to guide you through the process. Accurate Precious Metals is that partner. From the appraisal to final transaction, we answer all your questions, providing a relaxing and scenic experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Pawnshops lend money against your valuables, while Accurate Precious Metals appraises and buys your precious metals at a fair market price.
  • We deal with a wide range of precious metals, from gold and silver to platinum and diamonds.
  • Our services extend nationwide; you can mail in your precious metals for top-notch service.
  • Choosing the right pro jewelry appraisers is crucial for an accurate valuation. We provide connections to top antique appraisers.

FAQs: Precious Metals & Jewelry

Q: What are the different types of precious metals that a jewelry appraiser typically deals with?

A: Jewelry appraisers typically work with silver and gold, including sterling silver, as well as other fine jewelry made from precious metals.

Q: How can I determine the value of my gold jewelry in the current market?

A: You can determine the value of your gold jewelry by getting it appraised by a reputable jewelry appraising service, which will take into account the current gold market and the purity of the gold in your jewelry.

Q: What is the difference between physical gold and gold ETFs?

A: Physical gold refers to the actual metal, such as gold coins or bars, while gold ETFs (exchange-traded funds) are investment funds that track the price of gold and trade on stock exchanges.

Q: Can a jewelry appraiser help me sell my unwanted gold jewelry?

A: Many jewelry appraising services also offer purchasing options, so they can help you sell your unwanted gold jewelry.

Q: How can I find the best jewelry appraising service for my needs?

A: Reading real reviews and seeing ratings of different jewelry appraising services can help you pick the right one for your needs.

Q: What should I look for when considering a jewelry appraising service?

A: Look for a jewelry appraising service with expertise in precious metals investing, a good reputation, and one that has a mission to provide accurate and reliable jewelry appraisals.

Q: Can a jewelry appraising service appraise and buy my jewelry?

A: Yes, many jewelry appraising services not only appraise jewelry but also buy it if you’re looking to sell.

Q: What are some factors that influence the value of precious metals?

A: Factors such as the current market price of gold, the purity of the metal, and the amount of silver or gold in the jewelry can influence its value.

Q: What is the role of a jewelry appraiser in the gold and precious metals industry?

A: Jewelry appraisers play a crucial role in providing accurate valuations for fine jewelry, including items made from physical precious metals, and can also offer insights into gold stocks, gold futures, and other aspects of the industry.

Q: Can a jewelry appraiser provide information on silver coins and bars?

A: Yes, a qualified jewelry appraiser can provide information on the value and authenticity of silver coins and bars, as well as other physical precious metals.

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