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Discover the Gilt Glory of Helena’s Precious Coins: The 2024 Una and The Lion Series

In the intricate world of precious metals, collectors and investors are continuously seeking unique pieces that not only hold inherent value but also carry historical significance and artistic merit. Among these sought-after treasures are the coins from the East India Company’s Goddess Series, particularly the 2024 Una and the Lion collection, which embody both the allure of gold and silver as well as the rich narrative of myth and monarchy. This article dives into how to collect these exquisite coins, examining their design, mintage, and the lore that surrounds them, making it an essential read for numismatists and investors alike.

  • Understanding the historical and cultural significance of the St. Helena’s Goddess Series is key to appreciating the value of these coins.
  • Una and the Lion coins are not just valuable due to their precious metal content, but also because of the artistic design and limited mintage.
  • Collectors should be aware of the nuances of coin grading, mint marks, and denominations to make informed collecting and investing decisions.
  • Accurate Precious Metals offers expert advice for both seasoned and new collectors.

What Makes St. Helena’s Una and the Lion Coins Unique?

St. Helena’s Una and the Lion coins are more than just a means of trade; they are a fusion of numismatic art and storytelling. Inspired by Edmund Spenser’s epic poem, “The Faerie Queene,” these coins feature a portrayal of Una guiding a lion, symbolizing beauty and strength. The unique combination of superior quality and poignant narrative sets these coins apart from ordinary coinage, igniting the interest of collectors and investors who seek both tangible value and intangible charm.

Minted in both gold and silver, the coins boast a design that is rich in symbolism. This limited mintage creates a sense of exclusivity, adding to their collectible appeal.

When considering these coins, attention to detail is crucial. Each coin’s obverse features an effigy of Her Majesty, while the reverse captures the legendary scene of Una and the lion. The denominations, intricacies of the engraving, and the orientation of the designs speak volumes about the craftsmanship involved in their creation. Collectors and investors alike can appreciate the homogeneity and historical homage encapsulated in each coin.

How Can Collectors Acquire the 2024 Una and the Lion Coins?

To secure the 2024 Una and the Lion coins, collectors may turn to reputable dealers. When new mintage releases are announced, it is paramount for collectors to act swiftly, as limited mintage coins can sell out quickly due to high demand.

When looking to purchase gold and silver coins in general, Accurate Precious Metals provides a unique service for those not local to their Salem, Oregon location. Customers can purchase bullion and jewelry remotely, ensuring that even the most exclusive coins are accessible to collectors nationwide. When considering purchase options, remember that the purchase price will reflect the coin’s rarity, condition, and the current market value of precious metals.

Additionally, subscribing to the Accurate Precious Metals newsletter can provide collectors with the latest news on coin releases. By staying informed, collectors can plan their acquisitions around release dates and availability, ensuring that they don’t miss out on these numismatic gems.

What Are the Denominations and Types of Metal for the Una and the Lion Coins?

The Una and the Lion coin series feature various denominations that cater to a wide range of collectors and investors. Typically, these coins are struck in denominations that include 1 ounce of fine gold or silver, allowing one to choose based on personal preference or investment strategy. Both gold and silver offer stable value; however, gold coins are often sought after for their higher value density and collectability.

The selection of metals also extends to gilt versions, where silver coins may be adorned with a thin layer of gold, enhancing their visual appeal and potential collectible value. Each coin’s denomination and type of metal should be clearly inscribed, along with the mint mark, which signifies the coin’s origin and authenticity – vital information for any collector.

At Accurate Precious Metals, we ensure that our clients have access to both the silver and gold, with clear communication regarding each coin’s specifications. Our commitment to transparency assures collectors that they are receiving precisely what they are looking for, whether for numismatic enjoyment or investment purposes.

What is the Mintage History of the Goddess Series from St. Helena?

The St. Helena Goddess Series, produced in conjunction with the East India Company, is renowned for its limited mintage, which has historically contributed to its desirability and value retention. The mintage history of each coin in the series is an essential piece of information for numismatists and collectors, reflecting the scarcity and potential for appreciation over time.

The East India Company has set precedents with previous releases, often issuing coins in both standard and limited-edition presentations. These limited editions, such as the 2024 Una and the Lion coins, may include special features like a unique mint mark or a numbered certificate of authenticity, further enhancing their collectible status and appeal.

Accurate Precious Metals, aware of the importance of mintage details, provides collectors with comprehensive information about each coin’s history and production numbers. This level of detail aids collectors in understanding the rarity and investment potential of each piece in the Goddess Series.


Are There Different Varieties of the Una and the Lion Coins?

The Una and the Lion series offers a range of varieties for collectors and investors, each with its unique appeal. These varieties may include different finishes such as proof, reverse proof, and brilliant uncirculated (mint state), which can all affect a coin’s aesthetic allure and collectible value. Special editions might also feature colorized elements, privy marks, or edge lettering that distinguish them within the series.

Detailed knowledge about the different varieties, including the nuances of engravings and finishes, is part of the comprehensive service that Accurate Precious Metals offers to those passionate about numismatics. Collectors are encouraged to educate themselves on these details to enhance their appreciation and make informed decisions about their acquisitions.

What Inspirations Are Behind the Design of the Una and the Lion Coins?

The majestic design of the Una and the Lion coins is steeped in literary and mythological inspirations. The central imagery is drawn from Edmund Spenser’s “The Faerie Queene,” where Una represents truth and purity, and the lion symbolizes strength and honor. This allegorical representation resonates deeply with the historical and cultural origins of the coinage.

The artistic execution involves the delicate work of an engraver, who meticulously inscribes the narrative scene onto the coin’s blank. The obverse, typically featuring the effigy of Her Majesty, is an homage to the coin’s legal tender status and its connection to the monarchy.

Every element, from the orientation of the figures to the choice of font for the inscriptions, is thoughtfully considered to honor the legacy of the original 1815 coin of the same name. Collectors and investors can appreciate not just the precious metal content but also the artistry and storytelling captured within each coin.

Why Is the Una and the Lion Series Considered a Good Investment?

The Una and the Lion series from St. Helena, particularly the 2024 release, is considered a good investment for several reasons. Firstly, the coins’ gold and silver content offers inherent value, with precious metals often viewed as a hedge against inflation and currency devaluation. Secondly, the limited mintage of these coins implies scarcity, which can drive demand and potentially increase the coins’ secondary market value over time.

Moreover, the sheer artistry and historical significance of the coins add a layer of collectible appeal that transcends their metal value. Accurate Precious Metals understands these investment dynamics and provides clients with the expertise and resources to make informed decisions when adding these coins to their portfolios.

As with any investment, Accurate Precious Metals recommends consulting with a financial advisor or CPA to understand how precious metal investments fit within an individual’s overall portfolio strategy. For those seeking to diversify with tangible assets, the Una and the Lion series presents a compelling addition, balancing both numismatic interest and investment potential.

How Does the East India Company Influence the Coinage of St. Helena?

The East India Company, a name synonymous with trade and historic maritime ventures, exerts significant influence over the coinage of St. Helena. Their partnership in producing the Una and the Lion series is a testament to their continued legacy in global commerce and numismatics. The company’s historical association with precious metals and trade imbues the coins with a sense of authenticity and tradition.

Collaboration with the East India Company ensures that the coins produced carry the weight of history, with designs often reflecting the company’s heritage and the island’s British ties.

For collectors, the East India Company’s emblem and association grant an extra layer of desirability and narrative to the coins of St. Helena, reinforcing their place in the worlds of both commerce and numismatics. This storied influence is integral to understanding the coins’ place in the broader context of world coinage, a perspective that Accurate Precious Metals is proud to share with its clients.


  • Understanding the varieties of the Una and the Lion coins, including finishes and special editions, is crucial for comprehensive collecting.
  • The design inspirations of Una and the Lion coins come from rich literary and mythological sources, adding depth to their value.
  • Investing in the Una and the Lion series is attractive due to the coins’ precious metal content, limited mintage, and historical significance.
  • The East India Company’s role in the coinage of St. Helena enhances the coins’ authenticity and connects them to a legacy of global commerce.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Una and the Lion series or other precious metal investments, contact Accurate Precious Metals at 503-400-5608 or explore our website at accuratepmr.com. Don’t miss the opportunity to own a piece of numismatic art that carries the weight of historical significance. Stay up-to-date with Accurate Precious Metals by following us on social media and subscribing to our newsletter for the latest releases and expert insights.

FAQs: Una And The Lion Coins

Q: What are 2024 Una And The Lion Coins?

A: 2024 Una And The Lion Coins are commemorative coins featuring Una, who is a symbol of England, and the Lion, symbolizing Great Britain.

Q: Are 2024 Una And The Lion Coins made of 1 ounce of metal?

A: Yes, 2024 Una And The Lion Coins are typically made from 1 ounce of precious metal such as gold or silver.

Q: What is the significance of the imagery of Fortuna on these coins?

A: Fortuna is a personification of luck and fortune, often depicted on coins to symbolize prosperity and good fortune.

Q: How does Faerie Queene relate to 2024 Una And The Lion Coins?

A: Faerie Queene is an epic poem by Edmund Spenser that inspired the imagery and symbolism on the 2024 Una And The Lion Coins.

Q: Where can I find the latest news about 2024 Una And The Lion Coins?

A: You can stay updated on the latest news about 2024 Una And The Lion Coins by following reputable coin publications or official mint websites.

Q: Are there any rare versions of these coins that are highly sought after by collectors?

A: Yes, some editions or variations of 2024 Una And The Lion Coins may be more rare and coveted by collectors due to their limited mintage or unique features.

Q: How do 2024 Una And The Lion Coins differ from Roman coins or ancient Greek coins?

A: 2024 Una And The Lion Coins are modern commemorative coins, whereas Roman coins and ancient Greek coins are historical coins from antiquity.

Q: Can I purchase 2024 Una And The Lion Coins as a set of two coins?

A: While 2024 Una And The Lion Coins are typically sold individually, some mints may offer them as part of a set or collection of two coins.

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