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1960 Washington Silver Quarter Coin Value and Analysis

Accurate Precious Metals

June 28, 2024

The 1960 Washington Silver Quarter stands as a significant piece in American numismatics, known for its distinctive design and silver composition. This article covers the current market value, grading details, and essential collecting tips for the 1960 Washington Quarter. It focuses on those certified by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS). Whether you are a seasoned numismatist or a budding enthusiast, uncovering the subtleties of this iconic coin can offer you a rewarding collecting experience.

History of the Washington Quarter

The Washington Quarter, introduced in 1932, was meant to commemorate the 200th anniversary of George Washington’s birth. The coin design by John Flanagan featured a profile of Washington, which remains iconic to this day. The 1960 Washington Silver Quarter is a product of the United States Mint and is part of an era when quarters were 90% silver.

Collectors value these quarters not just for their metal content but also for their historical significance and unique design. Understanding the origins of the Washington Quarter helps illustrate why the 1960 piece is particularly sought after in numismatic circles.

Why Collect the 1960 Washington Quarter?

The 1960 Washington Quarter holds a special place in any American coin collection for several reasons. First, it is part of the last decade when quarters were predominantly minted with 90% silver content, making it a valuable collectible. Second, it’s relatively common in circulated grades, but finding one in brilliant uncirculated condition can be a rare and rewarding discovery for any numismatist.

This coin also acts as a snapshot of American history, reflecting the economic conditions and minting processes of the time. Those certified by PCGS offer an additional level of security and authenticity, enhancing their appeal to serious collectors.

How to Identify a 1960 Washington Quarter

Identifying a 1960 Washington Quarter involves several key steps. The obverse features President Washington’s bust, designed by John Flanagan, along with the inscriptions “LIBERTY” and the year “1960”. The reverse shows an eagle with outstretched wings above a bundle of arrows and olive branches.

Collectors should note the coin’s weight and diameter: 6.25 grams and 24.3 mm, respectively. Additionally, finding a 1960-D (Denver Mint) or 1960-P (Philadelphia Mint) mark helps in identifying its origin. Being able to spot these features accurately can make a significant difference in the coin’s valuation.

The Grading Process Explained

Grading a coin accurately determines its market value and is essential for anyone serious about collecting. The Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) uses a scale from 1 to 70 to grade coins. A 1960 Washington Quarter typically ranges from circulated conditions, such as VG-8, to uncirculated and higher grades, like MS-65 or better.

Common considerations include the coin’s luster, strike, and any wear or damage. Collectors often seek out quarters in Brilliant, Uncirculated conditions as these are relatively rare and command higher prices. Having your coin certified by PCGS can authenticate its grade, adding to its value and desirability.

Mint Marks and Their Significance

Mint marks indicate the facility where a coin was produced and can significantly impact a coin’s value. The 1960 Washington Quarter was minted in two locations: Philadelphia (no mint mark) and Denver (marked with a ‘D’). The presence of a mint mark can sometimes indicate lower mintage numbers, which may add to the coin’s rarity and value.

Philadelphia-minted quarters were produced in larger quantities compared to Denver’s. Thus, Denver-minted coins often command higher prices, especially in higher grades. Knowing where your quarter was minted can be crucial when you’re evaluating its worth.

Evaluating the Value of a 1960 Washington Quarter

The value of a 1960 Washington Quarter depends on several factors, including its grade, mint mark, and current market conditions for silver. Generally, coins in circulated condition are worth more than just their silver value. But, those in Brilliant Uncirculated grades, like MS-65 or higher, can be much more valuable because they are rare.

PCGS-certified quarters often fetch higher prices at auctions because of their guaranteed authenticity and grade. Collectors looking to buy or sell can refer to price guides and auction results to get an idea of the current value. Accurate Precious Metals is a recommended dealer for buying and selling these coins.

Where to Buy and Sell 1960 Washington Quarters

Accurate Precious Metals is a reliable dealer for buying and selling Washington Quarters, including the 1960 variety. They offer a wide selection and ensure that all transactions are safe and secure. While they do not currently offer a storage service, they may do so in the future.

Auctions are another avenue to consider, where rare and high-grade coins often come up for sale. Be sure to verify the coin’s grade through PCGS or another reputable grading service before purchasing. Price guides can also provide valuable insights into what you should expect to pay or receive.

PCGS Coin Value Analysis

PCGS coin values offer a reputable benchmark for understanding the worth of your 1960 Washington Quarter. The price can vary widely based on the certified grade. For instance, a coin graded at MS-60 might be worth significantly less than the same coin graded at MS-65.

Engaging with the PCGS price guide and certified coin census database can offer a more detailed understanding of market trends and rarity. The census data shows how many coins exist in each grade, further informing collectors about the potential value and scarcity of their 1960 Washington Quarters.

Common Numismatic Terms You Should Know

Familiarizing yourself with numismatic terms can ease your journey into coin collecting. Terms such as “obverse (front) and “reverse (back) describe the sides of the coin, while “Brilliant Uncirculated refers to a coin that has no wear and retains its original mint luster.

The “type of the coin discusses its design and specifications, while “condition or “grade assesses its state of preservation. Learning these terms can help you talk well with other collectors and dealers. They can also help you understand your value in the 1960 Washington Quarter.

FAQs About the 1960 Washington Quarter

How Much Silver is in a 1960 Washington Quarter?

A 1960 Washington Quarter comprises 90% silver and 10% copper. This composition gives it a total silver weight of approximately 0.1808 troy ounces, which greatly influences its base value.

What Does PCGS Stand For?

PCGS stands for Professional Coin Grading Service, a leading coin grading and certification service. Founded in 1986, PCGS aims to provide an impartial grade for coins based on a standardized scale, offering collectors a reliable way to determine their coin’s value.

How Can I Preserve My 1960 Washington Quarter?

To preserve the condition of your 1960 Washington Quarter, store it in a protective coin holder or slab. Avoid touching the surface of the coin directly, as oils from your skin can cause corrosion. Keeping it in a climate-controlled environment can also help maintain its condition.

Is a 1960 Washington Quarter Rare?

The 1960 Washington Quarter is not very rare. But, finding one with high grades or with special attributes (like the Denver Mint mark) can make it valuable. Its silver content and historical significance also add to its appeal among collectors.

Summary of the 1960 Washington Silver Quarter PCGS Coin Value Analysis and Collecting Guide

  • The 1960 Washington Quarter, composed of 90% silver, has historic and collectible value.
  • John Flanagan designed the iconic bust of George Washington on the coin.
  • Grading from PCGS significantly impacts the coin’s market value.
  • Mint marks from Philadelphia (no mark) and Denver (‘D’) affect coin rarity.
  • Graded conditions, mint marks, and current silver prices influence values.
  • Accurate Precious Metals is a recommended dealer for buying and selling.
  • Understanding numismatic terms and using PCGS price guides can aid in accurate valuation.


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